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13-02-2005, 09:24
is there a way to save a pm, so that it does not get deleted? i added a new folder, but can't figure out how to move the msg to that folder.

13-02-2005, 09:38
Hi contradiction

You go to the box marked 'selected messages' at the bottom right of the Inbox, then 'Move To Folder' and put it in the correct folder (drop down box).


13-02-2005, 09:44
thanks, but i tried that and the only thing in that box is
mark as xxxx
download as xxxxx

no save feature, am i missing something i play dumb sometimes

13-02-2005, 09:51

You're trying to save and 'sent' message.

The only way I have found to do it, is to send it to myself and then save as before. I agree, there is no option to move a message from the sent folder (that I can see).


PS. If there is a way, I'm sure Solandia (or someone else) will let us know.

13-02-2005, 11:10
no not the sent just the recieved.

13-02-2005, 11:23
You can also hilight the whole message and cut and paste it into notepad, or wordpad, or whatever.
Then you can save it in my documents, and read it off line when ever you want.
I've done this when a PM contained some really interesting information that I wanted to file with the rest of my Tarot info, in my Tarot folder.
It's dead useful.

13-02-2005, 18:28
Actually, there is a tickbox under the message, before you hit the submit box, to save the message to your sent items folder :D



Edited to add:

oops, just saw that you wanted to save the received ones....

Normally, you should be able to save them easily, I did it but do not remember the exact procedure.

I'll look it up and come back to you :D

13-02-2005, 18:38
OK, here we go:

tick the checkbox of the message you want to save.

Go to the end of the list of your received messages, there is a little box saying "move to folder". If you click the little arrow next to it, the menu appears.

In my case it says:

move to folder...
Mark as read
Mark as unread
Download as XML
Download as CSV
Download as TEXT

I chose the "Text" option. Then click the "Go!" Button. It will lead you to a browser where you can choose the location on your computer to save the message in.

Click "save" in this window, and it's done :D

Hope this helps!


14-02-2005, 06:01
oooooooooooohhhhhhh i see said the blind man. (thats me btw). thanks for the help.

21-02-2005, 01:30
it's amazing what you come across by accident!
1. go to "edit folders"
2. set up new folder (i named it saved)
3. check msg to move
4. at bottom (where the delete option is) leave it on "move to folder"
5. you get a new page asking which folder to move it to

that simple. and i call myself technology capable. i guess it was too simple for me. couldn't see the forest for the trees. DUH.