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19-05-2002, 05:33
I still don't know how to post a thread to the board--actually I can't consistently find the board. Maybe after I a good stiff cup of coffee. Being Saturday morning maybe my mind's not awake yet.

Especially for you, Kayne, I will join the newcomers forum. so I'll drink that coffee and play with the cards a little and try to post again in a different forum. How many threads can you post in. Are you supposed to unsubscribe to a forum if you'r not using
it every day?

Any advice about navigating this site will be very welcomed. I tried to click on an icon (a sad little face) but I don't know how
to add it to my post.

I just started to learn about the computer a couple of weeks ago--never touched one before that--so that's why I'm not more capable on Aeclectic. Even though I've posted a few times the truth is I have just been trying clicking on almost anything until a message screen comes up. I know what to do with that!

Now for that coffee.


19-05-2002, 14:19
You'll get there! Not being afraid to click on anything is a good start! When you are posting a message, if you go right down and see the word 'Smilies' another window will come up... it will give you a list of what to type in to make particular smilies appear... for example, I am going to type this with spaces in but to make it work it needs no spaces- : D =:D : cool : = :cool: :O L = :OL

To answer some of your other questions... You can post or reply as many times as you want... (Have you seen my post count lately! :D)

LOL = Laugh Out Loud
ROFLMAO = Rolling on the floor laughing my a*s off

Keep trying - you'll get there!!!

19-05-2002, 18:28

19-05-2002, 21:59
Hi Sugar4paws,

When you want to reply to a message in a thread that is already started i.e you want to add to other peoples postings click the 'Post Reply' button on the bottom of the message. Write your message and press submit - that's it :)

If you want to post your own thread, for people to reply to, go into the forum you want your thread/message to appear in - say you want to post about your favourite tarot deck - go into 'tarot decks, press 'new thread', like you've done with your posting here, write your message then press 'Submit Reply'.
Once you've done it a few times, it gets easier. Hope this helps :D

Edited to add:- When browsing the forums and if you get lost always go back to the main 'Aeclectic Tarot Forum' button and you'll be in the main forum list.