View Full Version : Virgo Full Moon ~ Feb 24

isthmus nekoi
24-02-2005, 00:55
A Virgo full moon highlights a push and pull between the details and the whole, analysis and holism.

This lunation is positively electrified with a Piscean sun conjunct Uranus. Currents are erratic and moods shift unexpectedly. However, the desire to be grounded is given extra determination with Mars exalt in Cap, trining the moon and sextiling Mercury. There is heavy mutable energy as well, with Sag, Virgo and Pisces all implicated. There's a lot of room to wiggle in and it's generally not a good time to try to iron out the details as they'll just swim out of your grasp when you least expect them to. Better to use this energy to renegotiate, redefine, reassess and navigate between the lines.

24-02-2005, 05:51
Is it true that the full moon is either on the 24th or the 23rd, depending on where you are?

Also I found this:
"In cycles of 19 years, the February full moon always falls on or near this date, and returns to nearly the same spot amidst the stars of Leo. You'll see two fairly bright stars near the moon tonight. One is Regulus, representing the Heart of the Lion in the constellation Leo. The other is Algieba, in the Lion's Mane."

Cycles of 19 years? Wow. That's kind of random-seeming.

isthmus nekoi
24-02-2005, 08:59
oh, good point! It is different, depending on time zone. As for the 19 years, Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can explain this, but I'm sure it's not totally random.

25-02-2005, 05:29
so, is this full moon a good time to stay in? are crowds/ social situations a good or bad idea right now? (it took me long time to come down from alll of the energy I had soaked in during a get together with my kids and their friends yesterday)

isthmus nekoi
26-02-2005, 04:25
I don't think going out is problematic now, but making huge decisions, signing contracts, that sort of thing is not favored. It's better to take stock and make alterations this lunation than to get new projects off the ground.