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24-02-2005, 17:26
P.S. http://www.florilegium.org/files/ACCESS/gem-sources-msg.html

I found at the above url some things about fake stones that disappointed me but I guess shouldn't be ...being a bit naive. I've always thought to stick to actual raw rocks/crystal specimens or pieces hopefully not so full of fake surprises??. Reading about Hematite fakes also was a downer. I have a necklace of Hematite and a Tiger Eye piece when I wear it a lot feels grounding and courage uplifting...etc and this was before I even knew about the description or the type of value of the necklace when I got it. I also have a loose round silvery smooth Hematite that I put on my crown/top of head..and boy did I feel "it"...I got a 2lb headache for my curiosity!. I find my head top and heart charka more sensitive thus often it like my crystal/stone antenna. Never do that one again!. I can feel lots of pressure building thoughout whenever I lay that Hematite little thing on my body or hold in my hands. Does these experiences mean its a real Hermatite or the enough of the Hematite properties are in it?. Or could mean the result of toxic materials..not really the Hematite?

24-02-2005, 22:56
From my experience, man-made hematite is often marketed as "Hemalyke" or "Hematine", although there are unscrupulous vendors who sell it as actual hematite. I believe it's generally used in beads and art pieces, not in tumbled stones, but I could be wrong. Basically, deal with a vendor that you trust, who is careful about who they buy from.

I have real hematite beads, too. They simply cost a bit more. If your necklace helps you, then you're fine. :)

The thing is, hematine isn't fake, per se, it's man-made, made in a lab instead of the earth, but with the same components. I have no idea if it works as well as hematite--I would assume not, but then the idea that we don't have to rape the earth with out-of-control mining to get our lovely crystals would be nice, too.

25-02-2005, 01:10
Man-made minerals are only different from the one's found in nature by the fact that they were man-made. But both still use the same building blocks, same elements. It's just that "Someone" different put them together. But the finished product is basically the same.

By the way, Hematite's chemical formula is Fe203, so it must have iron in it to be Hematite. One way to test if the stone you are looking at is Hematite is have a magnet with you.

And just to add a tidbit of trivia, when the stone is scratched it's the iron oxidizing and turning red, rusting, that gave this mineral it's old name of bloodstone. It looks like the stone is bleeding. Nowadays, bloodstone to us is a different mineral, one that is green with red specks.

25-02-2005, 13:51
Thanks for replies. I did take a small magnet to my Hermatite tumbled stone as you call it and the magnetic drew to it. As for Iron being in Hermatite maybe thats why it always has the "heavy as lead" feeling to to after awhile of working with it, Whew!. There are certain things that the Earth holds, release, radiates, and "experiences" that enriches in a varieties of ways whatever comes from it. Other than man showing that he can copy I suppose man-lab mineral has a back-up or useful purposes..not with standing out of control mining and such. Yet, I wonder about the abuses put upon the earth and animals that leaches into our lives on so many levels...and from our own hands as it were. As some consolation, I am glad that many people have been able to be healed by natures wonders and healers.

As for my Hermatite, in fact I cannot even remember where I got it...or it might have been a gift. My necklace I bought from a vendor on the street and didn't even realize what kind it was at the time...I guess I was attracted to it/vise verse perhaps for what I need in it or what resonates.