View Full Version : Unsubscribing from threads

26-02-2005, 18:22
It seems much harder to do this than it was before the upgrade.

I might be missing something but you can't seem to unsubscribe from within threads. You can't unsubscribe from within Thread Tools either, although that seems a logical place.

Does any one have any ideas about how this could be easier or could someone let me know if I am missing something really obvious.

Thanks :)

26-02-2005, 19:29
Gee, I hadn't even realised you could unsubcribe from within a thread before! I go into my "watched threads" list, tick the thread I want to unsubscribe from, and select the "delete subscription" option from the drop-down menu.

It would be easy if you could pick "thread tools" from inside a thread, and just pick "unsubscribe".

Is that how it was before?

26-02-2005, 20:15
Similia ~

Thanks. It is quite straight forward the way it is. I just didn't know it.

Before I think, but am not 100% sure you could unsubscribe by pushing a button at the bottom of the thread.