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02-03-2005, 08:17
I was reading alot about amethyst and how it has calming energies and such and how it is good to put under your pillow while you sleep...so me being born in february that makes amethyst my birthstone, and with the good qualities of the stone I thought it would be a good thing to try... so i did, and that night while i was sleping I awoke 3 times and had 3 seperate dreams, the first was a rather disturbing one in whhich I had sex with my friends younger sister in a bath tub and some other very sick things which i would not like to mention....In the second alot of things were out of control and i was very enraged and I yelled at my fiance and threw her out of my house, and in the third I was in a strange place that was very unpleasent and I was together with one of my ex girlfriends and that got me confused and scared me because im very much in love with someone else...

I was trying to find a possible cause for these disturbing dreams because the characteristics of amethyst are the total opposite of what it brought to me.. I am not sure of this but someone said that neptune is in virgo, which me being a pices is my detriment and since neptune is my ruling planet could that cause amethyst (my birthstone) to cause these negative things? (I think it may of been something to do with Picean retrogrades, Im not sure about the location of neptune) so can someone explain this?

02-03-2005, 10:05
I can't really explain it, but if the amethyst is dark purple, sometimes it can have strong, often unpleasant effects on dreaming. You can get a pale lavender amethyst for under the pillow, or you could add a clear quartz, rose quartz, or both to your amethyst to soften its energy.


02-03-2005, 12:47
I have read somewhere that empathic type people (and I believe most pisces are empathic) should stay away from amethyst, that it just opens us wide...(It is very psychic) not the best thing when we are sleeping. Tho, I have also read the opposite about amethyst. So, I guess experiment with what works...I like hematite a lot. Maybe combine some stones.
good luck


02-03-2005, 12:54
That could be apart of it because it is very dark purple... but another thought came to mind that maybe those dreams were not meant to bring confusion or anything else bad but instead to bring clarity in an unusual way...

I can't really see any good out of the first dream but I have some ideas..

The second I see could be a cause of my fears of loosing her and through the dream I felt what it was like to lose someone who means the world to me without it actually having to happen and this could be a valuble thing to remember in times of doubt..

The third i think was not anything to do with wanting her back but an insight into how it would be like if i was with someone else...my world would be a terrible, strange and uncomfortable place..

I think these may be a good explaination of why these dreams occured because i have had alot of doubt lately and I think that even though the dreams seemed bad at first glance they were really just insight to help me in many ways just as in tarot some cards may appear to be "bad" cards but in reality they are all their for guidance and to bring good when you dig deeper and use them in a positive way...

02-03-2005, 12:58
Thanks astrid O, i actually slept with hematite last night... what a coincidence, huh?... and i had a very good night of sleep....

02-03-2005, 13:00
cool, I love synchronicity

02-03-2005, 22:28
Thanks astrid O, i actually slept with hematite last night... what a coincidence, huh?... and i had a very good night of sleep....
maybe i should try that one.