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02-03-2005, 15:28
For March 2nd to March 10th

This movement to the new moon in Pisces, and the last moon phase of the lunar zodiac wheel, will take its time at first. Energy is low, and the move from Scorpio to Sag to Capricorn will be stressful, be careful on the road.

In Sagittarius the moon will transit over pluto and make some aspects to some minor asteroids, Void of course the moon will enter Capricorn refreshed and ready to make some changes, With Mars waiting in the goats sign there is a time to plan and and a time to act. Moving past Capricorn and all asteroids in that sign, the moon will encounter a puzzled Chiron freshly in 0'Aquarius. The lunar sattelite will transit over Neptune in Aquarius and join and transit over the Pisces stellum.

By this time Chirion will have entered 2' Aquarius* and Mercury will be well into Aries moving with speed, and getting ready for a retrograde phase in the Ram's house and home. Mars will be entering its final Capricornian Decante, intellect and staminia will be seen as one force at this time.

*This reference does not use the 0 degree mark and goes to 30deg of the sign.

07-03-2005, 10:53
The intensity of this conjunction can be felt with the Sabian Symbol of 1 Aquarius: http://sabiansymbols.com/aquarius1.htm

Mercury's move into Aries has supercharged our minds and our nervous systems with undue strength. If this seems like a quick change, it is, Mercury was in Pisces for a mere 2 weeks sending some of us into emotional distress and probably giving headaches to the rest of us. Retrograde Mercury natals had it hardest while natal directs were getting things done. Now in Aries, Mercury is ready to go retrograde, thus flipping those tables again and again. If everythign is set up correctly, then there should be nothing to worry about.

Mars on the 10th of March will be in opposition to the Darkmoon Lilith (and Saturn) @ 24' (and 21')Cancer. Again, this is a good time to examine how Lilith affects ones chart. The moon will be entering Aries Late day on the 10th. The Wild extremeties don't seem to be stopping with a Cancer/Capricorn polarization!

Asteroid Hidalgo will be leaving the earthy sign of Taurus shortly after the 10th. In Taurus, an empasis of the cattle industry and its affects on the land, a reassertion of bread as a standard part of a meal (no more low carb.). In Gemini, a scientific re-evaluation of all of the previously mentioned topics (will low-carb return?) temprered with relentless (and I do mean relentless!) inquiry. Gemini had been restricted by Saturn in 2002-2003, had to deal with financial deconstruction in 2003-2004 and now is ready to communicatte the reality of the difficulties as Saturn enters the 3rd solar house of Leo later this year.

Mars will be pushing foreward into the last decante of Capricorn, and will conjunct Chiron @ 2Aquarius on the 20th through the 23rd of March. The move into Aries indicates a natural synergy to create new beginnings and strong connections. Mercury;s extended stay in Aries only adds to this fiery conflaguration. Taurus is now feeling fertile and ready for future growth, and may get it but needs to stop feeling so walked on.