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isthmus nekoi
08-03-2005, 04:32
While it is not against forum rules to make astrology reading requests, do note that no one is obligated to reply. Astrology readings on ATF are done in the spirit of learning and sharing so please respect this principle. Attempts to secure a free reading will not be tolerated. Please read through the guidelines carefully before posting!

1) I’d like a chart reading and am willing to offer a tarot/Oracle etc reading in return.

- you must have a minimum post count of 30 posts.

- you must provide a reading of equal value. Because the quality and time varies from reading to reading, work out all the details beforehand and make sure both parties are satisfied with the exchange. If need be, include a minimum word count. (Bear in mind it takes a great deal of work and time to do even a natal chart reading so don’t be surprised if your astrology reader expects you to give multiple readings in return.)

2) I’d like a chart reading and can offer lots of detailed feedback. [nb: breach of the following guidelines will be taken seriously and may result in a warning]

- you must have a minimum post count of 45 posts.

- you must provide your own natal chart details (i.e. positions of the planets, house cusps etc as well as your birth data). Natal chart details may be obtained at the following sites: http://www.alabe.com/freechart/ or http://www.astro.com

- you must post (not PM) feedback equal to the reading received. A good rule of thumb is if someone writes a 200 word post, at minimum, a thoughtful 200 word reply is required to be considered sufficient. So be prepared to make some lengthy, detailed replies. The one exception to this is feedback regarding any illegal activities, traumatic life events and sexual behaviour.

3) How can I increase my chances of a reply?

- post a link to an image of your chart as this makes it much more easy and convenient for potential readers.

Chart images may be obtained at http://www.alabe.com/freechart/ or http://www.astro.com.
Free image hosting available at http://photobucket.com or http://www.imgspot.com.

- Better still, as many readings require derived charts, post your natal details. Please try to avoid lists of planets and houses, these are rarely useful for anything beyond basic observations.

- become an active, frequent poster in ATF, particularly the Astrology forum. It’s more fun to read for someone who’s trying to learn that you are familiar with.

4) What if a reader asks for subjects to test and improve their skills?

- If you respond to such a request it is expected that you will also leave feedback. If the reader specifically asks for feedack on their readings YOU MUST provide that feedback, if you receive a reading.

For all the above requests for a chart reading leaving feedback is not a matter of choice; it is an obligation unless your reader has agreed that it is not necessary. Furthermore, it is incredibly hurtful for the reader if the sitter doesn’t leave feedback, or leaves skimpy feedback. This does not help the reader learn at all. Feedback consisting of “Thanks for the reading, it was spot on” is absolutely inadequate. If you get feedback like this for a reading you have done, please contact a moderator and let them know how unhappy you are. Those who constantly leave inadequate feedback may well be asked not to take part in any more exchanges by the moderators.

5) What if I just want a no strings attached reading?

- you may try posting in these online communities that offer free readings. Please be advised that the competence of the readers varies widely:


6) What if I don't want a complete chart reading, but have a question specific to my chart related to a thread topic?

- This is different than a reading exchange and such questions are permitted as long as you have demonstrated your own contributions to the thread according to your skill level. (e.g. if you are asking about how to blend an aspect between two planets, try talking about how you would interpret those planets on their own.)

-If someone takes the trouble to respond to your question and you do not provide feedback this will be treated as a breach of the rules, so please note the point about feedback above. What may seem an easy question to answer may in fact require some real effort on the part of people responding to it. You should respond to their answers not simply say 'Thank you' or even worse ignore it. Failure to do so on a repeated occasions may lead to similar moderator action


Final note: These rules were implemented December 17, 2010 and as such, you may encounter earlier threads that breach these guidelines. In the past, we would rely on people's sense of common courtesy when doing reading exchanges, but now that the forum has grown, I regret to say this is no longer sufficient. Please direct all queries and concerns to your current moderators. ~ Isthmus