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13-03-2005, 17:00
I've read about its protective or warding off negative sort of thing. I have not felt or noticed anything special or specific in the three weeks of wearing a braclet of black tourmaline that I got. Perhaps I've not been paying attention or distracted?. What results or changes should I expect or be aware of?.


15-03-2005, 07:13
May I ask if you cleansed it when you brought it and did you programme and ask the crystal to work with you for protection specificaly?
It may sound strange but it does work.
Not sure how well versed you are in crystals so just in case...
cleansing : running water and pure intention
Programming: Once cleansed, ask the crystal to work with you for the highest good.
Requests: just ask! simple as that.

If it still doesn't work for you, then it could well be that you and it, just don't get on particularly well. (Black Tourmaline as well as being protective is very grounding.) Crystals vibrate to a frequency the same as us, some we get on with, others we dont. If its spiritual/psychic protection you want you can try using Tigers Eye instead, or if its matters of the heart, try Watermelon Tourmaline.


15-03-2005, 12:44
Thanks for the info!..in fact I have cleansed it and had a little talk with it ;)...but I have a story of my own..in a way answering my own question. I have been wearing the black tourmaline on my right since I've had it and no problem but I'd though maybe I should ask about any effects and such. However, during a few hours agao I thought why no put it on my left..and so I did. In no time I had a feeling of being quite in a scratchy "witchy" ...not very nice indeed..which was not me (or was it?). I felt like my skin had sensors on it....and like how you feel when you are repelled or turned off my something. But there was nothing for me to be angry or turned off at or about and so this new attitude in me perplexed me. I felt very vunerable or I'd say like unprotected. I started to get a headache on my right head side and then in a while I felt very heavy, sleepy in fact. I could barely hold myself up after a while. The headache was not subsiding and also my nose and eyes were running all of a sudden. I decided to take it off to put it back on my right. As I took it off ...immediate relief!!. Within moments I was singing and dancing...without even realizing it..its like Jykell and Hyde. It took a while to wake up again...but it didn't take long for the headache to go away and my eye and nose stopped running and back to normal. Now I wear it on my right hand and I feel just right...no such effects like that on my left. I guess the bracelet might have been too much for my left. Was I experiencing my own negativity?, or perhaps this happened because it was the first time?...or was it some kind of cleansing?, or a rection to that of the atmosphere around me?...or all the above?. I'd still welcome feedback on this subject!.

15-03-2005, 18:59
Now this is very interesting, Deszroo!

While I know nothing about Tourmalines in general or the black one in particular, so I can't really talk about your experience.

But what I can tell you is that I have had similar experiences with other crystals:

Fluorite for example makes me nervous and shifty if I even just hold it, and I have a Hematite necklace that gives me physical pain in my neck and shoulders.


16-03-2005, 04:13
Well I have a little Hermatite that is a Titan in disguise in terms of how heavy I can feel if I put it on the seemingly wrong spot or place on my body...as it is very grounding perhaps it is better at the root. Black Tourmaline is also very grounding I've read so perhaps the case of heaviness and such was too much for my receptive left hand. Whew!..that was terrible experience....I felt like something had striped me bare....but not in the physical sense. Perhaps its a result of the effect on a deeper level..."etheric" body, chakras, meridians,..this must have gone deeper than skin I feel. It said that which ever is your receptive hand..less used hand...for many its the left or for women too its often the left. In any case, the receptive hand draws in...while the other hand is the projector...releases out. If black tourmaline absorbs then I guess I amplified the effect by putting it on my recptive hand?. While on my right now I have no problems prehaps the aura strength or something of active hand allows the braclet to absorb without taking it in as such the left did?. The mood or disposition one approaches working with stones and crystals is important too of course. However, I find with blue kyanite I am a bit figity as well..but my amethyst I've noticed I am very calm and feel at peace in a way after or while working with it.

23-03-2005, 07:19
As a post-note to my wearing Black Tourmaline. I realized that its not just where you wear it but how long as well matters. For days now I've been wondering why I had absolutely no motivation to do my yoga routines which I do regularly. I couldn't figure it out and of course that can in turn be kind of a further downer physically and otherwise. All I seemed want to do was sit planted at my computer. Until...it dawned on me that perhaps it had something to do with the Black Tourmaline. The grounding effect!. Well I forced myself to finally get to my yoga mat...the bracelet was off at that point and has been since for a while. I feel lighter and basically back to my usual self fitness wise. Black Tourmaline is very grounding...its always said..not to mention its supposed to be negative absorbing and such. It has been a great experience so far with B.T. even so that is has been like shock therapy..at least I know it works! ;). My bracelet is quite large so I'm not sure that black tourmaline chips or such might have the same effect?.