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14-03-2005, 13:08
Lots of stuff coming up, lets get right to it.

The moon is in Taurus on the 13th and will be in Libra on the 26th. This is the venus cycle of the moon, and one that is not always benifical to the venus ruled Taurus and Libra, for they themselves may butt heads with eachother and the tranist over a wide expanse of open houses.

Mercury retro
March 19
Mercury will go stationary at 14 Aries. the sabian symbol (which is one degree ahead of the referenced chart because the sabian system does not use a 0 degree and goes to 30 of each sign.) for that degree is here http://sabiansymbols.com/aries15.htm

The sun will be at 29 Pisces on the 19th, the sabian symbol for that degree is http://sabiansymbols.com/pisces30.htm Images of Crazy Horse at sunrise and the Anasazi cliff cities in the sunset calls for a recognition of that which has been brutally dissasembled. The push into Aries channels power into the Equinox, it will be a good time for a ritual, but if you drive far take care and be sure to bring a tarot deck.

The moon will be lodged between SAturn and the Darkmoon Lilith for this retrograde, doublecheck your records and make sure that communication is clear. Lilith and Saturn play off the moon creating strange diversions and illusions, be careful of sexual, racial, or social attitudes, these hold no authority to Lilith and Saturn, and are willing to break the moons hold for that very purpose.

Mars will be @ 29 Capricorn
venus will be @ 26 pisces
phaethon will be @ 28 pisces

Ceres retro
March 21

Ceres is the archetype of Mother Earth, she is an aspect of the goddess that is of the caring type. Ceres had a daughter, named persephone, asteroids Ceres and Persephone will be @ 26 Scorpio and 19 Aries. between the 19th and 21st asteroid Phaethon (he who rides the sun-chariot, son of helios) will enter the first degree of Aries. Phaethons story is here http://www.loggia.com/myth/phaethon.html and venus will be at het 29th degree that night.

Ceres in retrograde means that food and money consumption is a hot topic (just check the news, India still has problems, social security talks, poverty in the cities across the continent.) Ceres does not like these things to be 'dismissed' by anyone, doing so is like selling your karma to a malicious entity. Persephone (moved to 20 aries by the 21st) also inidcates the passages of life, and in Aries new beginnings are coming to be with rapid procession. These new beginnings are connected to the north node of the moon, currently @ 24 Aries, and are not going to let up.

Mars will be @ 0 Aquarius conjunct Chiron, the healer, @ 1 Aquarius. The Sabian symbol for the initial aquarius degrees are
http://sabiansymbols.com/aquarius1.htm and http://sabiansymbols.com/aquarius2.htm again the theme of Native American ideas and beliefs are strong this time of year. So much energy has been diverted into creating our 'society' that we neglect the structures that were in place to ensure a specific and true kind of equality. Releasing the thunder in short bursts ensures real and controllable results.

Saturn direct
March 21 (later at night)

Saturn goes direct, and with that direct motion a re-alignment of priority. Cancers priority is the home and homelife, and Saturns presence has been a disruption for a lot of people. Moving retrograde, social barriers put in place are as hard as rock and cold as ice, but moving direct again Saturn melts that ice, and the water thereof breaks the morter keeping the 'wall' in place. Don't get too close to the wall as those bricks start to drop, and a simple umbrella seems kind of superficial at this time.

Pluto retro
March 26

Pluto's retrograde in Saggtarius will bring new ideas and new prospects into our lives. Strange attractions will occur, and even stranger revelations, but don't be suprised if these revelations are old news to other people, and that your old news is new to someone else. This is an information release, and one that will bring needed information forth.

Likewise, asteroids Union and Washingtonia will be re-entering Libra on these days (25th, 26th) and America will be @ 6 Scorpio. The moon in Libra will be speeding up to transit these asteroids thus placing emphasis on our nations and their troops, perhaps someone you need to communicate with will appear.

Pallas Athena is at 1 Libra on this day and will enter Virgo, there is a sense of something being 'incomplete.' That incompletness will be devestating on a personal, professional, and even econmical if we can't use our virgo analysis skill to sort it out and communicate a final resolutions that would be acceptable to all sides.

14-03-2005, 21:27

When you say open houses, does that mean house without planets in them?


15-03-2005, 06:55
yes, a wide expanse from Taurus to Cancer and then from Cancer to Virgo. the mid point is of course Saturn and the Darkmoon Lilith in late Cancer.

16-03-2005, 00:23
I'm having a really hard time trying to learn how to read the retrogrades in a chart. Pluto retro brings new ideas and information for us. At the same time Mercury retro sends that info askew? Having both would nullify or at least weaken their effect? Can I read this as not to worry about a washing machine breaking down because a rebate check is arriving? I just started learning to read my own chart and that's scary enough. Thanks

isthmus nekoi
16-03-2005, 05:45
A sort of superficial way to assess retrograde energy is to add the prefix "re" to verb and apply it to nouns associated with the planet. For example, Mercury retrograde doesn't necessarily mean skewed info. It's a time to re-examine, re-view, re-vise, re-consider etc information. It's a time that favors going over stuff, taking stock, re-fining and re-working.

16-03-2005, 11:57
ooh, I like that. Thanks isthmus nekoi. I can never forget it.

18-03-2005, 16:06
some more words, re-define, renovate, re-educate.

I use the 're' theory with all retrogrades and make association with standard definitions of the planets as we know them.

With SAturn it is a time to re-evaluate, re-structure and since Saturn is in Cancer, return to a more homestyle structure.

With Mercury, communication is key, or lack thereof perhaps, this is the time to re-arrange, re-view and remake our appeareance and our lives, but for ourselves, not someone else.

Pluto's keyword is regeneration, and rebirth.

All of these effects are already being felt, Saturn is not afflicting Cancer very hard at this stationary point, but direct motion makes waves, keep those sails amast to catch that wind you need to get moving.

19-03-2005, 15:56
As a cancer what exactly can I expect from Saturn´s going direct? I understand moves like these are felt days before and I´ve been so emotional lately.

isthmus nekoi
20-03-2005, 00:50
If you have any planets in the latter part of Cancer, Saturn direct means he is moving in to conjunct them again. Saturn brings restrictions, responsibility etc.

For your emotional state, I would look to the transiting moon and aspects to natal moon.

22-03-2005, 05:51
SAturn going stationary in your sign means that this is the time to take a break, or at least get little things done with (housecleaning perhaps). Saturns return direct will be felt by the end of the week, and Saturn has a tendacy to throw karma in your face. It's only as big of deal as how it originally went down.

Saturn is direct, mercury is retrograde, ceres is stationary. This combination reasserts the boundries that we have all gotton accustomed too, while allowing us to re-define our plans in a positive way, but don't forget to propery nourish yourself, even if just a little, the one thing that starts quallms more than anything else is dehydration and malnourishment.

Also on this strange day (the 21st) asteroid Phaethon moves foreward into 0 aries, and wedged between the Sun @ 1 Aries and Venus @ 29 Pisces. Mars is in Aquarius (and that repeating initial degree of Aquarius has hit us up front and personal by now with mars, but Venus should be softer on us with her delivery into Aries) conjunting Chiron. This is a good day to finish things up, and a good time to make new memories to replace the ones that have gotten tainted.

Never be afraid to burn a photograph if you feel that it is being used as 'mind control' or a negativity is present that cannot be discerned.

23-03-2005, 04:56
Thanks, isthmus nekoi and paradoxx.
I feel like everything and everyone´s going through all these transitions...

28-03-2005, 10:42
Mars has broken conjunction with Chiron and is moving steadfast into Aquarius, Chiron is actually slowing down for an upcoming retrograde.

Saturn is thankfully without opposition right now, but does trine Ceres (in retrograde in scorpio) and Juno (direct in Pisces). This trine is going to be playing with our emotions quite a bit, and Cancers being as sensitive as they are will have to keep a level head when dealing with close interpesronal situaitons.

Mercury in retrograde will conjunct the Sun, Venus, and Phaethon all in Aries. be careful about moving foreward in your workplace or career, if it's quite a bit hectic right now, don't shoot yourself in the foot, but then again, maybe you should be checking if the gun is loaded before pulling the trigger at all, then you're foot will be safe. Phaethons presence here is key, he is gaining strength again and the Sun and venus lie between the two horned bodies. (phaethons glyph looks somewhat like mercury's for those who haven't checked out http://www.treehousemountain.com/anames.htm)

At this time our words are our stongest weapons.

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