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Yes... another list! :)

Certain stones are favored for each day of the week and hour of the day. One
type of stone was to be worn daily for protection and luck, and another for
creating more potent amulets. All of these associations can be used to further
accentuate your ritual and spell work. For example, if you are doing a ritual
with your cat familiar, you might want to work on Thursday, wearing a cat's eye.

Obviously some of these items are very costly, so a stone, candle or cloth of
similar color and meaning can be substituted.


Sunday wear topaz, sunstone or diamond; use pearl in creating any talisman.

Monday wear pearl, moonstone or crystals; use emerald for amulets.

Tuesday wear ruby, star sapphire or emerald; use topaz.

Wednesday wear amethyst, star ruby or lodestone; use turquoise.

Thursday wear sapphire, cat's eye, or carnelian; use sapphire.

Friday wear emerald or cat's eye; use ruby.

Saturday wear turquoise, labradorite or diamond; use amethyst.


One jacinth, morion.

Two emerald, hematite.

Three beryl, malachite.

Four lapis, topaz.

Five ruby, turquoise.

Six opal, tourmaline.

Seven chrysolite, sardonyx.

Eight amethyst, chalcedony.

Nine kunzite, jade.

Ten sapphire, jasper.

Eleven garnet, lodestone.

Twelve diamond.

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I love this. What a great excuse to buy/make more gems and jewellery. "uh honey I have to have more. I need to change them every hour.............................................. ......." hehehehehe })

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