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21-03-2005, 17:38
I was told that I was not a typical leo because of my sun being in the 12th house.Does anybody know of this particular significance?

21-03-2005, 18:46
You could be 'not a typical Leo' for all sorts of reasons - mostly because the Sun sign is only one of the placements that goes to make up your character - there are nine others, plus Ascendant and MC (and this is the short list!).

My guess is that whoever told you this is working on the presumption that 'Leo' is a highly 'theatrical' sign - wanting to be the centre of the stage. Leo is also often interpreted to mean self-centred, proud and also generous. It's a magisterial sign.

Now the twelfth House rules the hidden. Modern Astrologers will make claims that it is the house that shows how you want to merge yourself with something greater (not a Leo trait). A more traditional interpretation would link it to solitude, institutions such as prisons and hospitals and also secret enemies and 'self undoing'. None of these are seen by the modern Astrologer as 'Leo'

The clash therefore is between Leo, wanting to be centre stage and a house which suggests that he or she can't be centre stage.

However a word of caution. As I said at the outset, you are much more than just a Sun sign and even if your Leo Sun was on the MC, shining for all to see, you might still not be well described as 'Leo'. As I said in another thread, reducing people to Sun signs is at best an oversimplification and at worst can be completely misleading.

21-03-2005, 19:12
Yes I was thinking so, but was curious as to what this placement meant. Is it possible to post charts here? I have one from astro.com and am trying to interpret some things. If anyone would like to take a look please do!

Born at home on July 26th 1977 at 7:15AM in Los Angeles California USA

I feel as if I'm on a self-discovery journey........It could be because of my saturn's return getting closer.

Thank so much!

isthmus nekoi
22-03-2005, 00:35
Yes, like Minderwiz I'd caution the quick interpretation. Madonna is a 12th house leo sun.

btw, if you go to www.astro.com and set up your data you can post a link to your chart here: this'll make it much faster/easier for others to take a gander at your whole chart. :)

22-03-2005, 08:53
isthmus nekoi

okay I will do that. Thanks for your help. : )

Madonna's 12th house sun placement makes sense to me because I was told that 12th house sun's can be opposite extremes,either really introverted or living for the spotlight.

22-03-2005, 09:43
Posted my chart! : )