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29-03-2005, 06:34
Hello: :)

I think this would be a question for Solandia; but, I wanted to post on it, just in case there are others who would like more E-card options.

This is a suggestion and I think I'm posting in the right place. After perusing the E-Card choices that we have (a few times), I have felt them to be so limited. I do not know if there is a particular reason for this, but, I figured it can't hurt to ask if we could get more options for cards.

Personally, I absolutely love the idea of sending Tarot E-Cards because it's an unobtrusive way of sharing my interest while somewhat enlightening my friends/acquaintances about the aspects and different types of cards represented in the Tarot.

So, how about it? Are we able to get more card choices, Solandia? :)



03-04-2005, 14:13
Hi TL2,

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I can make more postcard (http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/postcards/) choices available - is there a particular image or type you'd like to be able to send?


07-04-2005, 09:05
Solandia, hello:

By "a particular image" do you mean, a specific card from a specific deck? Also, by type are you referring to types of decks? If so, I have pretty eclectic (no pun intended) tastes in decks - kind of all over the place, however, I do tend to stay away from decks that appear (to me) to be excessively dark.

I didn't know if by "type" you mean favorite cards in a deck, i.e., The Lovers, 2 of Cups, Knight of Wands, etc. I had been wondering if there was any problem including cards from some of the well-known decks on ATF. I am not familiar with the card choices shown.

Thanks for your timely response. Let me know. :)



09-04-2005, 00:22
Me too!
Me too!

I love the e-card idea...and I would love to have more choices available as well!

maybe some more from the other ACT projects?

There are so many beautiful cards from AT members!

Kaylee Marie
09-04-2005, 01:17
I'd also love more postcard choices!

Solandia, If you're asking what particular image we'd like to see, then I nominate the Balance/Strength card from the Bright Idea Deck. I think many people, whether they read tarot or not, can relate to this scene. There are many, many more card images with universal appeal of course, but I'll hold back and just nominate the one for now. :D

09-04-2005, 23:41
maybe some more from the other ACT projects?

There are so many beautiful cards from AT members!

Seconding Chronata here :)

I did not even know there were e-cards available ;) (see how much I have explored beyond the forums ;)?) - so thanks for bringing it up!


16-05-2005, 17:21
There are more than a dozen new postcard images now available :)


~ Solandia

16-05-2005, 17:25
Whoa Solandia!

Simone blushes.... ;) thanks :D

17-05-2005, 01:04
There are more than a dozen new postcard images now available :)~ Solandia

Solandia, just wanted to say, thanks. Having more variety - more to choose from will probably offer more opportunities for people to use/send the cards and that would be good for AT, I feel. Besides sending a message, it's another way for people to become aware of Aeclectic. Good going! :)


17-05-2005, 05:39
Solandia: Great choices towards expanding the ATF E-Card!

Prefer using those to others.

& so appropriate to draw from a well of member-created cards, too.

17-05-2005, 05:58

Thank You Solandia!

I see some of my favorites in there!

And...oooh...is that my Three of Pents?

I am honored! :)

17-05-2005, 08:37
First time I have seen these!!

What a marvelous idea....


18-01-2006, 23:15
Solandia, since I have carved and painted quite a few tarot figures from popular tarot decks, you are free to use any of these figures for tarot cards without attribution.

While the images you currently offer are quite beautiful in their own right, they might not make a "tarot impression" on those outside of the active tarot community. Those who do not know tarot well, for instance, might easily recognize the Fool or Hermit. Those who are familiar with Tarot, but are not into reading or collecting, might recognize Robin Woods Magician or the RWS Empress. Those who know the Tarot might appreciate the ToP Queen of Cups or unique Fey Fool. I can supply larger .jpg files of these figures or others.