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31-03-2005, 04:57
Hi...I thought your mention about your experience with Saturn/Sun...tha transits have always brought you love... was so very interesting. Is it usually a trine or do you mean square or other aspect?. I was wondering if perhaps the 12th/11th/5th houses, or Venus are involved?. I don't know if you've looked into if you have any particular asteriods and/or Transneptunian points hoving around your natal Sun which might shed some light on this sinces it not often I've ever heard of this..though I'm sure you're not alone in the experiences. My own Satun/Sun natal and transits have been quite textbooky along with a personal caveats as well.


isthmus nekoi
31-03-2005, 08:27
Hi there Deszroo,

Since I'm not that old, the Saturn-Saturn transits that stood out were the Saturn-Saturn opposition (I was about 16) and 2nd Saturn-Saturn square (22). Don't think the trine was major. Natally, Saturn is influential, being the ruler of my ASC and sun, as well as exalt in Libra. You are correct in that the 12th house and Venus are involved, I've a 12th house sun and Saturn quintiles Venus. Although I don't really look at quintiles.

I don't want to make it sound like those Saturn transits were walks in the park so to speak. Sometimes people just assume that love is great: pretty hearts and pop songs and happy endings. In reality, LOVE is not necessarily a "good" thing. It's an energy that requires a lot of strength to channel else you'll be destroyed by its power. All sorts of people get totally messed up on the energy all the time.

I think Carol Rushman who wrote "art of predictive astrology" also had Saturn bring love to her and I believe she got married under a Saturn transit. Natally, Saturn trines her Venus.

My bf also met me under a tSaturn conj to his natal sun. Saturn was opposing my natal sun (our suns are opposing). So perhaps this is not as unusual a phenomenon as it seems.

01-04-2005, 06:38
Thanks for reply!. I've seen people get married and such during Saturn transits. In fact I've noticed quite a few folks I knew who were for years and in all expectations were thinking they were "doomed" to be unattached in any way, got married when Saturn first began its current transit through Cancer. It was not with a serendipitous tone necessarily but with of a more formal/serious commitment attitude or air about it. I was thinking perhaps there to be something that might facilitate perhaps a more harmonious or softening quality to your Saturn/Sun transits so thats why arose the thought of 12th and Venus etc. In any case thanks again for sharing your thoughts on the subject.


isthmus nekoi
02-04-2005, 03:07
You're very welcome, Deszroo. I think the "softening" of the effect really has to do w/the relative strength of Saturn in my chart, not to mention that he aspects (hard and soft) most of my other planets. I'm so used to the energy - it has always been very direct and present in my life. I'm not sure I'd view the transits as softened in anyway though. They were very powerful and the key word I'd associate with the hard Saturn-sun transits is PRESSURE. Like you can literally feel the weight of the gods upon you.

Rhiannon SW
16-04-2005, 15:46
For my Saturn return at age 28 I found love. I broke up from a really bad situation only to find out the one who gave me the courage to do it was my absolute love I was searching for. So yes I did find love at my saturn return and at 16 not sure off hand where saturn was at that time but I fell in love with my first husband then. So looks like love is prominant with my saturn influences too.
Never would have thought of it that way thanks makes me not dislike poor Saturn as much. lol

isthmus nekoi
17-04-2005, 02:31
This is interesting Rhiannon - perhaps this is b/c your Saturn is dignified in Capricorn (in the sign it rules) and in your 7th house?

It is possible to have Saturn opposing Saturn at 16. I did :)

17-04-2005, 13:53
Cool. Very interesting thread. I currently have Saturn opposing four planets - Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury -in my natal 9th House.

As far as love, I haven't experienced anything but a slowing down to a halt of a recent relationship, almost as if Saturn is forcing me to pause and reflect upon it. (This is also a relationship where my natal Saturn conjuncts his 12th house moon and our ascendants and nodes are conjunct... yikes!). However, this multi-planet transit has actually made me become more aware of 9th house activities which makes sense as I'm applying to grad schools, all of which are out of state.

I was beginning a Saturn Return (12th House) when I married and was divorced barely by the time it moved on (no worries, the divorce was a very good thing!) I see so many couples (in the US, anyway) marry just about the time of their Saturn return. At first I figured that 28-29 has become the age to make such a committment since college and career factors seem to be settled. But Saturn's movement may just be timed so precisely as to herald the epiphany that there's more to life than hedonistic adventures and just having ourselves to think about. And the sensibility that one rent is better than two :-)

Perhaps some of us aren't ready at that age to make a such a committment to another yet some of us are ready much earlier (my brother has been happily married since age 19) but I feel that the first Saturn return at least makes the forward suggestion to think about yourself in the standing of others. I always coin a line spoken by Ally Sheedy in St. Elmo's Fire: "I can't share my life with someone else until I have something for myself." Sounds selfish but its wise advice. Saturn isn't the one-night stand guy, he's serious and wants you to take the time to consider where you're headed and how others play into your script of life. It's a total eye-opener - by taking Saturn's heed of time you can make yourself more valuable to yourself and to another.

I wish I was studying astrology in 1999 :-)

Question, how does the Saturn Return theory apply to a time when it was the "norm" for when couples married much younger? I'd love to hear some thoughts on this!

On yet another note, Saturn is also a teacher and, from my experiences, brings forth relationships of all kinds from which we can learn. I think he can also signify some sort of sobriety and longevity in relationships with the right placements. Keep coming back to that same someone? I'll bet Saturn (or a node) is at work. I equate Saturn at times to the teacher in Pink Floyd's The Wall... he's the "You can't have any pudding until you eat your meat!" sort of guy.

Cheers! ~ January

Rhiannon SW
18-04-2005, 06:31
I married my first husband at 16 and ended divorcing him around my 1st Saturn return and then marrying my 2nd and last husband in 1989. So I formally ended my first and began my 2nd all around my 1st Saturn return.
I'd be interested to check where my Saturn was at the time I first fell in love and married at 16. I'll have to see about that on the program I have. Solar Fire ver. 5. Anyone know of the program or familiar with it?

Rhiannon SilverWolf