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02-04-2005, 06:50
Dear budding Astrologers!

Im looking for a direction job-wise. I was wondering if anyone would be able to advise me on a suitable career based on this Placidus information? Id really appreciate your help. Does it look promising music-wise?
Bib x

True Node:Scorpio
AC Cancer 2.Leo 3.Leo
MC Pisces 11.Aries 12.Gemini

02-04-2005, 08:43
Hi...I was just looking into this myself.... is sort of redundant with me...has become a sort of retrospective/introspective activity...that pops up every now and then....well with natally challenging aspects to my 10th..your kind of question has been a seemingly been life long journey thats never really about a job or employment...its always about the core issues inside/behind that. The first thing I thought of looking at your info was a creative/arts field..then I glanced at your last sentence. Its up to you mostly what you make of your own potential.. your chart is an indicator of the road blocks and byways to getting there which in part you have some say in believe it or not. Autnomous self-expression is important to you but you are also very drawn to a group setting and might watch over dependency on it.
The need to go much deeper until you get to the core the true heart and soul of a matter is indicated. How that is approached could be a let it all hang out thing that need to be brough under control or more conservative.. penchant for order, balance, thrift. Music would seem like one area to explore and of course within that there are also other areas. Music might also be the area in which to both release and utilize your more nuturing/nurtured qualities. This can be expressed in family direct blood related or family in the larger or boundless sense of the word. There seems to a lot of use of your cerebral or mental capabilites in some way...technical as well as creative...so these could be very well interlaced in todays music world.
Starting this year perhaps your questions may be answered..or piqued in someway since Jupiter will be in Scorpio stimulating your NN/SN Scorpio/Taurus and its apects. Life direction will definitely come up or rather may become more poignant than now on some level. It could trigger travel in literal or inner sense. Saturn will be in Leo..you will take things a lot more seriously in some ways. In a way Saturn in Cancer your rising if I am not mistaken....pulls in somewhat the same kind of thing but in a different area of life than does Saturn Leo. North/South Node is in Aries/Libra respectively. Chiron just entering Aquarius. So you'll have lots of stimulation. If most of your planetary placements tend to be in on area or side of your chart then transits for example through the opposing houses will help bring perspective into the picture so that that the larger picture may be attainted to gain flight from more personalized or instinctual view, concern, or ways. While the abovementioned is not really advising you on a suitable career..keep in mind too that things and people change over time...somethings are in the making cannot be seen at the moment. Since we are in the moment I can only say consider to start with checking out the things that you don't want or don't like. Sometimes what we don't want or don't like can give us more insight and clarification into our truer needs than we think. If you've already done that then really think about what it is deep down you might really need/want. Its a mercury retrograde indulge yourself..then revisit your thoughts again when it goes direct.
Hope this helps...

isthmus nekoi
03-04-2005, 02:57
Hi bibi,

You may want to consider posting a link to your chart as we cannot tell which planets are aspecting what, the degree of your angles etc. For musical talent, any aspect b/w Venus-Neptune aids in the general arts whereas Saturn-Mars aids rhythmic timing.

05-04-2005, 01:20
Thanks Deszroo for having a look at my planetary set-up! I enjoyed your comments :)

isthmus nekoi
06-04-2005, 03:16
Pisces cusps your MC which is definetely an "artsy" sign. Its ruler Jupiter is not particularly strong in Taurus/11th, but w/those squares to Venus/Merc, plus Pluto conj moon, I'd expect your music to be extravagant. Loud and clear lol.