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25-05-2002, 06:35
This weekend we are surely exploring an edge. The third and final
opposition of Saturn and Pluto is marked by a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius within
several hours. Each of us is at some kind of threshold. I say this knowing there are
many people who are not conscious of such, but I don't think that includes you. The
effects -- at this moment -- may not be 'dramatic' in the life of every person, but we
are standing in it right now: the great curve.

(that was taken from Planetwaves.net)

so..... what's going on with everyone?

I knew something big was happening.... I am on the verge of losing my job... and bad stuff is going on between my boss and I ....

cha cha cha changes. :)

25-05-2002, 08:56
well, as you all know, we have bought our first home!!!! and the current owner moves out this weekend and then we move in after she's done!!!!

:) it's nice to know that we are working "with" this energy.

in light,

25-05-2002, 09:04
no sooner did I post that -- and I lost my job.

wow. but, hey, it's a good thing... so I guess this energy is working "with" me too. I have strong faith in things working out as they should.

25-05-2002, 20:38
Sorry you lost your job joya. I truly hope you are right and it just moves you along to something better. Enjoy a short break!!

25-05-2002, 22:15
I had posted in another thread that I felt something was going to happen but not sure of what area, any clues, things to look for in my chart that may help me see the potental?

26-05-2002, 16:29
almost lost everything i truly care about. very dramatic!!! magickal intervention pulled me through.

somebody please warn me well in advance next time, lol

26-05-2002, 20:58
I had a fairly dramatic phase too. And I am none to sure it is over either. Sorry I cannot share more. For one thing it sounds almost too dramatic when you just write it down. This Saturn/Pluto thing is nothing if not deadly serious and strikes right at the hearts of things.

28-05-2002, 04:50
Joya, sorry to hear about your job, but a better one is awaiting.

Marion, I'm also sorry to hear that you're going through a bad time. Trust me, the planets do move on and we learn how really durable we are. Light to you.

Zorya, Light and Blessings to you in your moments of distress.

As I posted earlier, I've had many changes this month, including a move and I feel I can finally see the light to better days.


28-05-2002, 05:04
I'm in an giant overall "unsettled" mood!!

I'm not happy with my job anymore - boss won't let me go in the direction I want to expand my practice (massage therapy). I want to add more energy work and maybe crystal therapy and she won't even listen. She says that reiki is evil!!!! (gasp) I love my clients, but not the environment.

I'm also planning a move towards the end of July completely out of the state - closer to my family.

I feel like I'm on the edge of a great big cliff ready to jump off into something much better for me. But really - I have to jump off a cliff??? LOL I'm scared and very excited at the same time.