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24-04-2005, 18:09
Once in a Copper Moon...
Sorry,in a rush trying to catch details below.

24-04-2005, 18:17
(Copper Moon, cn'td.)
to glimpse a partial lunar eclipse when the eath's shadow will be visible on the northern part of the moon & will take on a copper-red tint @ 3:49 AM_EDT on April 24th.
..Just Found out! or would've let you know a Lot sooner, Must rush, Enjoy, I hope!)..
<edit-to-add-> I just barely made it the edge was indeed, a clear reddish -gold. I gasped & caught my breath, I thought it was so beautiful_
(I'm SO fortunate, as This is the first clear night/dawn we've had after a rambling bout of cloudy skies,lol!)

24-04-2005, 21:27
Well Smokey Did you see it? did you? I went outside and watched on a cold crisp evening wrapped in a quilt, lovely clear until the time and then just clouds everywhere. So I am going to try and see the eclipse through your eyes......~Rosanne

24-04-2005, 21:59
..About the only other detail I can add to this full moon is the shadow all the twinkling stars around it and the main color was definitely the copper (gasp) then vey finely edged with this ( but not REAL dusky) red (WOW!) making the lot... the "reddish-Gold",see?!?... Thereby completing this Breathtaking memory of a lifetime (for me ,I mean)...Do you know,... I AlWays MISS these things?!? .. Every Time!..(sob) But, now ;I have 3 Pictures all dated, with the time and all
..Well, the pics didn't turn out so hot, because the flash messed up the copper- edged rim,(of the moon) But I caught the moon , <in Full>at Least,& I can always remember,
the rest of this nite to tell my kids tomorrow!...
All this has made me thirsty, I am so sorry you had a cloudy night, (I tell you now,_ it was one close call for Me, on that end, there, MySelf!)

24-04-2005, 22:13
Thanks for that Smokey. I will tell my kids I saw it through anothers eyes, and well described it was too. I have been learning about the stars of late and thought I was doing fine with the names you know the drill- Bellatrix and Aldebaran, Riga and Sirius... then I got told there were six thousand visible to the eye and I was somewhat deflated.... still on I go. Hope you got to 'whet your whistle' with a wee nip. Thanks ~Rosanne

25-04-2005, 17:39
I didn't see this smokey - however, I did spend quite a while staring at the moon last night. I wasn't aware anything special was supposed to be happening. However, not long after dark, I looked out and the moon was just rising over the roofs of the houses behind ours and it was a lovely rich buttermilk yellow and all its features were so clear. I could see a yellow glow around it and it almost looked as if it were the sun rising - it was quite breathtaking. It was very large as well, as the moon often is when it's very low in the sky. I looked out from time to time until I went to bed. As the moon rose, it still kept it's colour although lost a little of its glow but it was still incredibly clear and bright.

I remember thinking that I won't see another moon like that for a while. I would have taken pictures too but I've tried before and it never captures the moon properly - it just ends up looking like a small, hard blurry button!

Anyway, thanks for posting cause now I know what was going on :)


25-04-2005, 17:56
I tried to stay up, I even went to astro.com and pulled up the chart for one degree before the opposition, but my energy levels were so low I passed out. A break the routine has occured, but also an awarness and realization. I feel good about things to come, but reality sets in quickly.

29-04-2005, 19:30
I still can't believe the news didn't show a picture or two, but it didn't in my viewing area.
While I was fortunate enough to enjoy this sight, I was so hoping the TV would provide everybody a wonderful glimpse of a beautiful sight!
Our local meteorologist did make a brief regard to it, at the end, but that was all, a slight nod. Wondering if some caught it in the newspapers. I hope so!
I just wanted to come back and say, since I forgot to mention it before;
that we don't own a webcam, or I'd post the pics up for viewing.
...All apologies, but my pics weren't that good, to start with, the memories were the better, by far, LOL!
All my best to one and all...