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01-05-2005, 04:34
Since the adventures of Ms Snemony Licket has attracted so much attention, and since it was such incredible fun taking part, I'm wondering a bit as to where one could continue to set up little stages for various "specials".

It seems to me that the reading exchange may not be the most appropriate place for it considering how the thread took on a bit of a life of its own, but then came the question of where to put it.

The only reasonable ones (outside of the member chat) that I can think of are Talking Tarot and Tarot Games and Fun.
Are there other ideas or suggestions? Could there even be a featured thread for roleplaying or is that taking on a bit too much since there probably won't be all that many parallell stories going on anyway? Maybe (oh, dare I even suggest it?) a subforum under Talking Tarot?

Though, in some of these there may well be serious readings coming out through use of the deck related to the subject of the roleplay.. If you have a question on how to become a better homemaker, or how to get through that gruesome family dinner you're expected to cook for, ask at the Happy Housewives Academy. (Just to make an example.)

More questions than answers in this post, but hence the title...

01-05-2005, 05:16
LOL The Happy Housewives Academy.... I need that one badly! I'm a horrid housewife! But I've got the Housewives Tarot! It's perfect for it!

I've thought about setting up my own roleplaying thread in the Reading Exchange to do interactive readings, although I don't really have the time to devote to it, so I decided not to.

01-05-2005, 11:41
"Happy Housewives Academy" .... obviously it's going to be fictional!! *lol*


01-05-2005, 13:02
We do have alot over other threads like that that pop up from time to time. Usually they don't involve readings and so appear in the Chat Forum. They usually just happen when someone feels inspired to start one.