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Indigo Rose
03-05-2005, 11:31
Over the past few weeks I have been investigating moon progressions. Through the course of my studies thus far I see a connection between key events and circumstances in my life, where my moon progression was at the time. I have also been correlating the moon progressions with my numerological years. It is a fascinating study and I wanted to find out if others here have investigated this in their own lives.

Also, for those here who are more studied in Astrology can you lend any insight regarding moon progressions and how they effect us?

Here is an interesting link on moon progressions.

03-05-2005, 23:25
The Moon is a great study subject, particularly the progressed Moon. Among the astrological bodies, Moon seems to be the most "personalized" in that its many symbolic aspects seem to be a buffet table from which we select those that best suit us. Because of this the Moon is always an exciting subject.

I looked at your "link" and those basic statements are fine. However, I would not limit myself to just "signs". The Moon moves through the houses of your chart and across your angles -- these are significant in understanding how you experience your Moon. The Moon always seems to express NEEDS, the need to be recognized (Aries), to have stability and comfort (Taurus), etc. Combine these with the Moon's natal and current progressed house position and you can get a sense of the kind of life-experiences that you are attracting at this time -- you attract your needs in one way or another.

Progressed Moon ASPECTS are also interesting. They tend to show how other types of energies (planetary energies) fuel your emotions, responses and sense of need. Becomming consciously aware of how your full range of emotions work can let you take control of them. Emotions are to be experienced but not meant to be controling. You feel them. You enjoy them. You let them wash through you and you MAY let the add power to what you consciously choose to do. The Moon, in this sense, can add passion and ardor to your directed efforts and actions.

So, good luck with your Moon studies. Let us know what you find. Dave

isthmus nekoi
03-05-2005, 23:31
Many astrologers use the pmoon for timing of events. I believe Noel Tyl said it represented the reigning emotional need for a person.

In terms of effects, it largely depends on interaction w/the natal chart, esp the natal moon placement. Some things to consider:

- is the pmoon in a comfortable element? (e.g. a natal Cancer moon might feel uncomfortable w/pmoon in Aquarius)

- houses affected. Obviously there's the house the moon is in, but other houses could be affected. e.g. if moon aspects Venus, look to that house and the houses she rules (houses w/Libra/Taurus cusping)

- important aspects. I've only looked at the classic ones. Conj seem the best for timing events.

edited to add: there's a number of good resources out there. Carol Rushman's book goes into more detail, Donna Cunningham likes to write about the moon etc.