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06-05-2005, 15:19

Saturn clicks foreward to the 23rd degree of Cancer, which unfortunately has a rather intense Sabian symbol to it.


This coincides with school year finals, lots of studying, and new criteria to follow. Gemini's will feel the pressure with the Sun in Taurus as equally as Cancer Feels Saturn. Meanwhile, Mars continues to swim forweward and upstream through Pisces, the activity for the last 3 years will finally have a chance to be molded into something tangible and understandable. Students who will be returning to school in the fall may have to adjust to something totally different upon their return.

Mercury approaches the north node of the moon in Aries, conjuncting on Friday the 6th, which will happen during the transition of the moon from Aries to Taurus. The node and mercury will be in square to a Saturn, teh last planetary square that Saturn has to make in Cancer, a more fortunate setup for Saturn to leave Cancer.

Venus is marching along through Taurus, she is going to encounter Gemini soon. Venus in Gemini shows both her sides at once as one. Once Venus enteres Gemini, all air signs will have their signs occupied.

Gemini by venus
Libra by Jupiter
Aquarius by Chiron

This holds benifits for anyone looking for education in the medicine fields, especially the holistic medicines. However, until Venus enters the twins sign, the planet that rules our sense of values and beliefs will be grazing in the green pastures. This summer may not be a venusian paradise, but it will have its moments.

10-05-2005, 13:35
Chiron has gone retrograde @ 4 Aquarius (sabian symbol-A hindu healer glows from within) and venus approaches Gemini with grace. The exact square between the North node and Saturn (@ 23 Aries and Cancer) is approaching fast.


Mercury will transit the entire sign of Taurus within the next three weeks. This speedy transit through the fixed earth sign is benificial to Gemini, since their ruling planet will be with them soon enough and the move through their preceding sign should't keep them down. It is also benifical to Virgo since Mercury will be in another earth sign to be followed by the entrance into the also mercury-ruled Gemini.

Mars and Uranus are closing in on their conjunction while Chiron and Blackmoon Lilith start their oppositions with lilith being the dominant power for now (Chiron being stationary right now keeps the healers powers internal for now, they are ready to be realeased but a conduit must first be established.) When Mars and Uranus make their conjunction, the energy about will be unrestrained, teh economy will get a boost despite high gas prices (this could bit you later though) and the summer months will finally begin.

Venus will be in Gemini before the end of the 10th of May which will be promptly followed by Pallas Athena going direct but remaining @ 24 Virgo continuing to square Sagittarius Pluto, which is worth mentioning here since it occurs within a day of the venus sign change. Growing crisises and long, drawn out dramas are only going to continue at this point, although a conclusion is coming. Summer sun seems elusive right now, that would be the blackmoon lilith in Leo, a chilling effect.

AS for you students: Don't stay up too late, a lack of lunar energies won't help you remember your studies, if anything try to get to bed earlier or take an evening nap so you can get up earlier with stonger mental clarity. Mercury in Taurus is demanding, but may make mistakes, don't be afraid to correct your superior, but do so with proffesional tact.

26-05-2005, 12:55
Whatever has been happening with technology, Chiron Trining the Sun in Gemini (which will shortly be trinng Jupiter in Libra) has shortcircuited something. If you have some important data (to keep in line with the topic I would have to say final reports for school, or for that International presentation this Saturday) and it gets lost, you may have to call in a computer healer, i.e. a hdd tech.

The moons transit through Capricorn to Aquarius will behold wonderous change in structure, but something is getting ready to leave, despite the fact that the best interests say otherwise.

Lilith oppose Chiron:
it has begun

This opposition is brief but highly focused, think scalpal, or for that matter laser scalpal. But yet, something else is happening, perhaps it is the dissapearance of Venus from the sky. Venus is in the same house as the Sun, so her power is merged with the days energy, but mercury is failing to communicate with Gemini in Taurus, and everything lags behind as a result. Her opposition to Pluto will be the power behind everything, including the conclusion of several successful endevours. Time to kick back and move foreward at a reasonable speed.