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02-06-2002, 15:48
three different times, after writing a message and trying to send it, i've been told that i have to log on. when i re-log on, my message is lost. is this because i take too much time composing my messages?

Faerie Lin
02-06-2002, 18:07
hmmm, thats weird. But what I would try is after you type out the message... highlight it and copy it. Then if it says you have to log on again, you can quickly just paste your message then send it.

Do you have your cookies enabled? I have mine where I never have to log on, unless I manually erase my cookies from the Tools, Internet Options on the browser.


Hey!!! I reached my 100th post! wooohooo! lol

08-06-2002, 17:10
Zorya, a forum login session times out after one hour of inactivity. If you spend more than an hour writing a response to a post (or even just leave the window with the form open for that long), you'll be asked to log in again and may lose your message. For really lengthy posts, it is a very good idea to save them to a file somewhere before hitting the 'Submit Reply' button, just in case :)

~ Solandia

08-06-2002, 23:32
wow, i had no idea i was taking THAT long! LOL
thanks solandia! my how time flies when i'm here. :)

bright blessings,