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autumn star
13-05-2005, 19:31
I was wondering if anyone knows some good crystals, herbs, or rituals that will help with moving on to a fresh start ... and away from negative people and situations?

autumn star

14-05-2005, 02:01
Smoky Quartz!

14-05-2005, 10:22
Also rutilated and clear quartz for neutralizing negativity, tourquoise i think might help get the good vibes started, as well as rodochrosite.

14-05-2005, 14:51
do a search on 'smudge' and you will get loads of info.

14-05-2005, 16:34
I have found that putting sea salt in the corners of each room and lighting incense and candles for a few hours, then cleaning up the sea salt and throwing it out in the trash can really help clear the negative.

I think that having rituals to symbolize releasing and starting fresh are very important symbolically, and I am working on this now.

Amethyst is supposed to be wonderful for absorbing all negativity, cleanse in sea salt and water daily.

autumn star
14-05-2005, 17:46
Thankyou everyone!

I will try all of your recommendations

autumn star :)

14-05-2005, 22:12
Good luck and blessings, autumn star!

15-05-2005, 09:01
Great for moving on, letting go, and bringing about harmonious endings....

For herb...try burning pine incense (or even a few pine or fur needles!)

and for crystal...try wearing jet.

Both of these are tuned in to Saturn...the planet of letting go.
Both have excellent talismantic properties!