View Full Version : What's been happening with all the tech

14-05-2005, 04:21
For at least two weeks, I have had expierences with comptuers shutting down, giving errors and all together having some glitch problems at unusual times.

Likewise, communication has been a struggle and the roads were covered in snow (yes, snow, thank the divine) and rain making commuting a potential problem. Scheduled events and that which was planed ahead have been monkeywrenched or misaligned.

With mercury in taurus and a mars/uranus conjunction in Neptune, I can see how some of these things are taking place. But also my old workplace and the downtown store where my mother worked were being boarded up and having the letters taken down. These occured during the last few degrees of venus in Taurus whiel the moon left Gemini to enter Cancer, along with asteroid Excalibur.

I thought about entering this somewhere else, but it was such a seperate set of incidents that I was curious if someone else had such activity happen to them.

isthmus nekoi
15-05-2005, 05:41
Perhaps this is something affecting your natal chart? Some transit setting off Mercury or the ruler of the 3rd house?

17-05-2005, 05:19

But my progressed and natal mercury (in conjunction) is in conjunction with Asteroid Excalibur @ 1 Cancer. I have also noticed my Solar 29Gemini Sabian Symbol being mentioned.

Anyway, I just got off of unemployment, and bam, my 'standard occupation' reappears in Cheyenne 90 miles south of where I live. I got that information on the 13th.

Mars and Uranus are in seteady pisces conjunction right now, high levels of spiritual energies are flowing outward right now, all it takes is patience and receptivity.