View Full Version : Uranus Mar conjunction

23-05-2005, 16:17
Hello..anyone followed up the Uranus/Mars conjunction?. I have made two definite, abrupt, kind of cold-turkey endings of things that just needed to stop finally. Those these were not jarring or devestating to me in the usual Uranus lore sense. Other such endings have been coming along now and so fall right into the picture. I've realized that letting go of certain things on an emotional end are way overdue and that on the other hand I simply have to start anew in most areas of my life due to certain recent occurrances. Has anyone else anything personally or otherwise significant about the Uranus/Mars conjunction?


isthmus nekoi
24-05-2005, 02:04
I was turning left the other day, a streetcar was in the way and I didn't see a cyclist coming. She hit my car, fell and when I asked if she was ok, sped off in a rage. That is the first time I've ever collided w/someone while driving :( I guess that fits the Mars-Uran tendency for accidents.