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Free Flight
24-05-2005, 09:42
Well the full moon is here again and once again strange things are afoot.

I am sure everyone has heard of studies down that more murders are committed, more babies are born and that more accidents occur on the full moon. Emergency departments are aware of this phenomenon and I believe extra staff are always on duty during the full moon

the hypothesis behind this - from junior scientist ff - is because the human body is 80% water and the moon affects the tides and therefore must affect the human body in the same way. Ebbing and flowing and waxing and waning.

So my question is this:

How does the full moon affect your life? Do you have any examples of things that have occurred? This thread could also translate into any other phase of the moon..

Me I am always tired during the full moon. So tired all I can do is sleep...I have my own theories why I am like this when most people are the oppposite but will leave that for the moment.

I see the moon and it fills me with an emotion I dont know how to describe. Yearning? I want to go out and howwwwl but I just dont have the energy.

today my toddler has lunar psychosis as does my baby. They are outta control. The pets are going nuts in the background and me, well I just want to go and sleep

Anyone else have things to share? I find this a very interesting topic so step right up. Let those lunar vibes infect you and 'fess up


24-05-2005, 10:06
lunar vibes

I have more energy & can be very confident around the full moon. Some
nights I have problems sleeping & don't know it's a full
moon until I check.
I try to watch for them so I don't get aggressive. I'm usually quiet! LOL

It's a funny feeling.
I feel very safe (or grounded) but anxious at the same time???

24-05-2005, 10:11
Hi Free Flight,

I was driving yesterday just on dusk in the country. The moon looked absolutely amazing, it was transperent and the sky light was blue, pink and purple. As it became darker and twilight set in, it changed to a beautiful golden orb and the stars were pinpoints besides.

I love the moon. Its romantic to me, I feel very sentimental and thoughtful. Its one time I might think about the wider world outside, loved ones, the good things in life. The earth and its form, the sillouette of mountains and trees. It mezmorizing. I like to sit and and look at it and try to find 'the man in the moons' face. LOL!! :)

Unfortunatley, this is not good to do when your actually driving! :) I doesn't surprise me that there are accidents during this display!

I did notice there were alot of foxes and Kangeroos about too, more than usual. I had to slow down quite a few times as they were close to the road. Maybe its just easier to see them in such moonlight.

Elven x

Free Flight
24-05-2005, 10:17
Hi Ros & Elven

thanks for your comments.

Ros I get very tense during the full moon, it is nice to know others do too :)

Elven you made me think of something with your comments on thinking of loved ones. I find communication picks up. I hear from people who I havent heard from for a few months. Sometimes I get and make loads of calls to people and then I check the moon and realise it is full

24-05-2005, 10:24
I seem to be moodier (than usual) during a full moon. Also very tired. And it seems that about a week prior to a full moon my dreams get very vivid and odd.

I also notice a difference in my children. My twins are Virgo's and they have been just wild today.

Love & Blessings,

p.s I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread - now I will remember to go out & look at the moon :).

24-05-2005, 12:04
Very moody...more tension and disagreements....maybe I'm a werewolf?? lol

24-05-2005, 12:06
Being a Gemini with Lunar Aquarian placemnt (I was born 3.5 days after the Sagittarius full moon in 1981) the sag moon totally totaled me. The days' heat under the hot Gemini sun made everything tiring and sapped my strength. The full moon will rise above the eastbound storm clouds whose rain will be cooling the ground overnight. The waning phase of this moon cycle will be fast paced, so if you need some space or some time just yell 'time out' and catch your breath so you don't get pulled off balance.

I also tend to be more active at night during a full moon, sleep does not come easily as I can feel the moons pull over my body during the midnight hours. Likewise, new moons keep me awake during the day and It is almost impossible to get to sleep.

24-05-2005, 13:41
Full Moon feels good. Like barriers and walls are breaking away. Like I am naked under the Moon. It's Light washing muck away. I did get into car accident last Lunar eclipse, though :D Feels different in each sign.

24-05-2005, 14:41
Tired, depressed, very unsocial.

24-05-2005, 20:14
I go completely doo-la-lee!

Dreams even more vivid than usual. Very emotional, can be crabby and/or loving but emotional. I can cry the Congo river. Inclined to emotional reasoning (so don't pick an argument with me for the next day or two ;)). I have headaches.

I feel more feminine and womanly during this time. Also, more intuitive and my inspiration blossoms, but I can not always do something with it at that time on account of being restless (I note things down for future use).

Things that were hidden rise to the surface during this time, scum or cream, depending!

I have epidermic sensitivity to all sorts of influences - people, psychic phenomena, atmosphere. I do tend to be sensitive that way all the time, but the full moon just doubles my receptiveness.

I think I must be a tidal river!!

24-05-2005, 20:46
And it seems that about a week prior to a full moon my dreams get very vivid and odd.
For the last four or five days, my dreams have been more vivid than usual and quite strange - they seem to have taken on epic proportions, and I have been remembering them better than I usually do.


24-05-2005, 21:14
For me, it is not always the same. I suppose some full moons affect me stronger than others.

During this full moon, I have been very emotional though, and on edge. Tired too.

I do not know enough about astrology, but it's always good to "blame it on the moon" :P

24-05-2005, 21:18
Simone - apparently this full moon has some pretty powerful celestial happenings influencing us ;)

take a look at this:

24-05-2005, 21:30
Wow thank you - an interesting combination... (even if I don't know what the Sabian Symbols are, I know they have been or are being discussed but I have not yet taken the time to look)!

hehe, so i can rightfully blame it on the Moon and not take any responsibility for being moody and cranky and communicating badly and.... })? teeheee ;)

24-05-2005, 21:41
Well, the Moon is also our Mother - and mothers are used to being blamed for all sorts of things ;)

isthmus nekoi
25-05-2005, 00:54
This full moon in particular I found to be a little off kilter. w/no strong messages from the stars, I found the inconjuncts (aspects I've never used or paid attn to before) having a stronger influence. I'm a lot more sensitive to lunations now though, since I'm trying to see how accurate my lunation reports are lol. But generally, I'm not really that permeable to energy, not easily affected.

Oh, and I too have been having deeper dreams, better recall.

25-05-2005, 01:49
The only thing that happened to me [which isn't small], I found that my readings were very clear to me yesterday. I didn't need anything. I looked at each card and immediately knew what it was saying. It was the most wonderful feeling I have had in a long time.

Kaylee Marie
25-05-2005, 01:54
I've been in love with the Moon all my life. When I was a toddler, I used to point at the full moon and say "ball!" Apparently, I wanted my parents to reach up and get that beautiful, luminous ball for me to play with. I was quite cranky when they didn't. :)

I still feel the same way when I see a full or nearly full moon. I can't take my eyes off it; I'm transported to a serene yet playful mood almost immediately. It really centers me.

I also like the Cheshire Cat phase -- it always makes me smile, but leaves me feeling a little sad.


Free Flight
25-05-2005, 13:20
It is interesting to hear other people's opinions. Please keep them coming.

This full moon is a little strange for me, I am finding it is one of extremes. My kids are deviating between hyperactivity and tears without provocation. I am very tense and stressed and as mentioned oh so very tired

25-05-2005, 13:42
Full Moons tend to make me abnormal...that is...whatever I had been thinking or feeling before the moon....I tend to think and feel something completely different, or even opposite.

This one has made me hyper sensitive, and very aware...and also very tired.

I have been extremely unmotivated last week, but highly active in the imagination and thought dept.
I was doing allright, hyper processing, with a lot going on in my brain...and now I can't remember what the heck I have gone into a room for, or what I was just talking about, or....

it all just slips through my brain. Like water through a sieve.

25-05-2005, 18:10
It is interesting to hear other people's opinions. Please keep them coming.

This full moon is a little strange for me, I am finding it is one of extremes. My kids are deviating between hyperactivity and tears without provocation. I am very tense and stressed and as mentioned oh so very tired

Those emotional outbursts could be mars in Pisces, and with Sagittarius being mutable like Pisces and Gemini the reasons for the outbursts are never the same. Sagittarius fire is smoldered but nto extinguished the moons transit to pluto (2:00 am MST/8:00 am Univtime).

These next few days in lunar capricorn will be interesting, and the weekend will be a relief, especially to all the students.

Free Flight
25-05-2005, 19:36
then about midday today, the clouds cleared (in my head) I took a deep breath in and exhaled laughing. Felt a whole lot better all of a sudden and now have been calmer since

Indigo Rose
26-05-2005, 04:44
I too was born under a Full-Moon. For me it depends on what the moon is in. The last full moon was great for me, thought I noticed some struggle for others in my family. This Sag Full moon has been a disaster; misunderstandings, high emotions, and an awful feeling of discouragement.
Hoping for a break.