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31-05-2005, 16:49
Hi Solandia, Hi All,

Just a question..
I found an Avatar I woukd like to use but its 100 pixels x 100 pixels. Is there anyway to modify the Avatar so that the pixels are less. Im not very computer savy, but where can you find the correct size Avatars (besides here) that will fit the 40 x 40 requirements.
Any help would be greatly appreciated on the topic.

Many Blessings
Elven x

31-05-2005, 17:00
If you are using Windows, you can open the picture in Paint. Most of the time, to do this you right click on the icon and go down to "Open File With" or "Open With" It should give you MSPaint as a choice. If not, you can go to "Choose other Program" or "Other"

Anyway, go to "Strech/Skew" or "Ctrl+w"... then, you just put in a percent lower than 100% to make it smaller. You can check the size by running the mouse off the corner and watching the nubers in the lower right change. It should be 40% though, if your image is 100 pxls.

I hope I explained things well enough...

I'm not sure what paint programs you have, but since most people have MSPaint, I decided it was a safe bet.

31-05-2005, 18:18
Thanks so much Violinagin! :)
Im off there to try this now!! Hope I get it!

Elven x

31-05-2005, 18:35
Thankyou Violinagin.:) I did it! :) YOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

Elven x