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06-06-2005, 12:21
Hi all!!

I dont nothing of astrology. But im curious, you know at aspects of the planets give a good tarot reader?

I had heard that the 7 th house is very important at a tarot reader, is that true?
And what signs do a good tarot reader at that house?
And the moon, is important, too?

Like i had said i dont know nothing of astrology, only a few meanings of the signs. If you know what aspects make a good tarot reader, can you say me what they are?

Thanks a lot.

06-06-2005, 13:43
Interesting thread, I have been told such things about my chart.

1. That I can make money from the esoteric and

2. I have good planets for being a Tarot Reader (?).

Check out my chart if you like:

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

06-06-2005, 20:30
Temperance Angel ~

I can see how your Tarot abilities may be reflected in your chart. You have a Pisces Ascendant which means that you can act as reflector for others - a mirror. Youre also a double Cancer which can give you significant empathy and warmth.

Your Sun is trine Neptune and Pluto which can make people insightful , creative and intuitive.. . The Pluto aspect makes you positive and forward looking. Neptune in Sagittarius would give you spiritual vision. Chiron squares your Moon in Cancer, so there has been a psychic wound there somewhere, and this would add to your understanding of people.

So those things alone would assist the development of skills in Tarot but somewhere along the line you would have made a choice to read

Mercury in your 6th House could account for your interest in health and healing, and Jupiter in Scorpio would inspire you to teach what you know.

Your 4th and 5th Houses are really strong and clearly home, family, creativity and close relationships are important to you.

There is a lot more there as well, but this is enough for the purpose of this thread. In relation to light2000s enquiry, I would look in a chart for signs of intuition, feeling, empathy and spiritual vision. The Pisces connection is always a significant factor. Your Pisces Ascendant and Jupiter in the 9th House (the House of higher learning) are almost certain signs of interest and capacity to help people spiritually and to access the unknown. . What is more, Pisces Ascendants have little self-interest in doing this.

So TA, your chart is really quite strong in indicators for the life and career youve chosen.

There are some downsides too but you are probably aware of those and they are not relevant here. The Sagittarian influence and Mercury in Leo would have gotten you into some difficulties in the past, no doubt, but your chart has a very positive and strong foundation. This is only a brief summary however.

06-06-2005, 22:07
Hi moongold!! Can you give your opinion about mine?
There are only a thing, i dont know the hour excatly and if i born 3h 5 i have the ascendent at cancer if was 3 H 15 i have leo.I identify a litle more whith cancer, but...

Planetary positions

planet sign degree house motion
Sun Virgo 1844'04 03 direct
Moon Gemini 0438'58 11 direct
Mercury Virgo 1742'26 03 direct
Venus Virgo 2331'12 03 direct
Mars Cancer 2212'17 12 direct
Jupiter Leo 2627'44 02 direct
Saturn Virgo 1726'36 03 direct
Uranus Scorpio 1752'41 04 direct
Neptune Sagittarius 1745'58 05 direct
Pluto Libra 1756'54 04 direct
True Node Virgo 0825'14 02 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Leo 0121'54
2nd House Leo 2143'43
3rd House Virgo 1616'06
Imum Coeli Libra 1710'28
5th House Scorpio 2345'23
6th House Capricorn 0008'47
Descendant Aquarius 0121'54
8th House Aquarius 2143'43
9th House Pisces 1616'06
Medium Coeli Aries 1710'28
11th House Taurus 2345'23
12th House Cancer 0008'47

Major aspects
Sun Conjunction Mercury 102
Sun Conjunction Venus 447
Sun Sextile Mars 328
Sun Conjunction Saturn 117
Sun Sextile Uranus 051
Sun Square Neptune 058
Moon Sextile Ascendant 414
Mercury Conjunction Venus 549
Mercury Sextile Mars 430
Mercury Conjunction Saturn 015
Mercury Sextile Uranus 011
Mercury Square Neptune 004
Venus Sextile Mars 119
Venus Sextile Uranus 538
Venus Square Neptune 545
Mars Sextile Saturn 446
Mars Trine Uranus 419
Mars Square Pluto 415
Saturn Sextile Uranus 026
Saturn Square Neptune 019
Neptune Sextile Pluto 011

So can you give me a opinion? What spiritual qualaties do i have?

07-06-2005, 03:08
light2000 ~

Hi, I have just briefly woken up. Could you give me your birthdate? You really need a time of birth as well and one can onlly ever give indications not the definitive word :)

07-06-2005, 03:43
Ok. I was borned at 3H15m a.m. 12 de setember 1979. Coimbra, Portugal.
I only said my born place because i think that i have one hour less than England, because of the summer shedule.So if i was borned at England was 2h15m.

And yes i know that is an indication, and i apreaciate a lot your help.

07-06-2005, 05:34
Hi Light2000,

Well, youve got a really interesting chart. To do your chart justice requires more time than I have but could be a useful and enjoyable exercise for you.

The immediate impressions I have are of the significant Virgo influence. Your North Node, Saturn, Mercury, Sun and Venus are all in Virgo. Do you have the preference and gift of attention to detail that Virgo often brings?

Your Moon is in Gemini which can mean that intellectual stimulation is really important to you. You are a natural leader and your Ascendant and Jupiter in Leo give you lots of energy in that direction. Your Sun in Virgo and the 3rd House gives you curiosity and a thirst for truth. This will definitely aid your interest and growth in Tarot. Your Sun and Saturn both have positive aspects to Chiron which would give you empathy with others and could possibly lean to an interest in healing work with others.

Youve got a few challenges in your chart and working with those will push your individual growth. For example Saturn squares your Neptune in the 5th House. I think this means that you need to really work to bring some creative dreams to fruition but when you do, these will be quite something.

There are some really strong and interesting trends in your chart and I suggest you spend some time learning a little about astrology so that you can make the most use of them. I do not have the time to do it for you but I think there are treasures to be uncovered, and your journey is still in the very early stages.

My immediate impression is that you would be approaching your Tarot from a a different place than someone like Temperance Angel but you will certainly bring a cutting edge and unique vision to your explorations. Your chart is what you make of it - so put that incisive Virgo edge to work :).

I suggest you go to www.astro.com, key in your details and see what they say to begin with. This is really good place to start.

Many blessings :)

07-06-2005, 06:04
I should explain that I am also simply learning astrology and these are my own somewhat tentative comments.

What does make a person a good Tarot Reader? There are as many different qualities as people. Some people are intuitive readers and others are not. I guess the first thing I should have stated is the principles that I use to judge a good Tarot reader. Others may use different principles, and might debate mine competely.

Some people here are brilliant Tarot readers and have a kind of scientific intuition, which is different from mine.

Light2000,that is why I'd really encourage you to commence your own study. I think there are powerful things in your chart but it is better for you to discover them, and this could be a wonderful journey, as it has been for me.

07-06-2005, 06:21
Hi and thanks again Moon gold. I have some bocks of astrology, but is only for begginers and dont teatch how make charts.
Saying the truth i have interess at everthing of the spiritual life. I have started at the tarot early and my interess at astrology was abot that time, too. But im lot positive person and I see spiritual only for the positive side.

I never ask anyone to do my chart, i have a book (for begginers) that explai a litle and do the chart but dont teacth how is done. Do you know a good book for me, to learn astrology? The book that i had told you is Astrology kit by Grant Lewi and Liz Greene.

Maybe if i have a good book of astrology, i can read my chart.
So i think that i will take your advice. I dont have interess by magic, i love Reiki and everthing that talk about healer, tarot, folow the intuition and try to understand nature, so i think taht astrology can be a good next step.
But you had say that me chart is interessing, why?Is becausei have a lot of things at virgo?I think that i have some qualities of that sign, i am a lot perfecionist(really a lot), i see all the details(i use them at tarot readings) but im not organize, i hate people saying what to do, i like being my own boss.
I have a lot of crazy dreams like you had said, but i think i havent the streght and courage to finish them( to come true).

If i start at astrology you give me some tips?

Hmm, i read again your post and is true i have thirst of true.

07-06-2005, 06:43
Dear light2000 ~

You can get a copy of your chart at www.astro.com for free. And they will also give you a basic analysis which is a good place to begin. There is a link here to some good books and I'll go and find it for you.

One I have found very useful is Understanding the Birth Chart by Kevin Burk. Lllewellyn Publications, 2002 ISBN 1 56718 088 4 but there are many more.

Here (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=15205) is the link to many resources. Post any queries you have here. :) There are many people who are helpful.

07-06-2005, 08:15
Cool chart, light

Moongold made some excellent observations.

What practically lept off the screen when I did your chart are all of the close aspects at 17 degrees. They involve your


Now, normaly, the planets outside of saturn are generational in nature. Everyone born about the same time has them. But, in your case they are so tightly aspected to your sun/mercury/saturn that I'd say you have a very special relationship to your generation and the meaning of those planets.

I don't want to read the planets for you, other than saying you need to pay close attention when you learn about them. But here's some advice:

1. Your uranus sextile indicates that you will be very recpetive to the latest trends in astrology and will benefit by using modern tools. So go out and get yourself a good astrolgy program, by all means. Do a search for astrology websites and participate in those discussions.
2. With Neptune squaring your stellum in Virgo, your ability to read the tarot cards is going to take work....a lot of work. Saturn isn't going to help this process because he is very demanding that you get it right.

Your Virgo stellum of sun/mercury/saturn is very strong. To me, sun in Virgo says your life's quest is for organization, for physical apptitude. It is not surprising that Virgo as closely associated with agriculture, which, after all, takes the basic hunting/gathering of food to a new level. Without this Virgo mesh of the basic need for food with a better way of providing it, we'd not have civilization at all.

Mercury is well placed in Virgo. And I think Saturn, at his best, will support your sun in making your dreams into realities. However, he will demand that you do your homework and don't expect results immediately. Saturn takes time. To me, Saturn plus Mercury means....buy books!!

You will be challenged to stay the course, I think. But if you can, you will be able to integrate the psychic realm of Neptune into good strong readings for folks.

Now here's an off the wall prediction. Keep at it and you may write a wonderful book on either tarot or astrology yourself. It will be sure to be a best seller.

07-06-2005, 11:02
Now here's an off the wall prediction. Keep at it and you may write a wonderful book on either tarot or astrology yourself. It will be sure to be a best seller.[/QUOTE]

Hi wizzle!

Very interessing. You know that when i was 8 years old, my dream was write a book?And i am learning tarot sice that age. I piked at the cards of tarot and i had done a lot of storys, i wrote all of them, and tarot was my instruments. I think that im a very good tarot reader, its because of that i want became a professional tarot reader. But i always want to know more, all the knowledge that i have seems litle. I had study a lot, since that age, Reiki, tarot, meditation,God, Angels, Saints,... but i want always more. Is like a never ending story.
I had wait all of this years, because i want to do something really good.
My friends say that the time is now. And if i wait to know everthing i never will do this.Because of my perfectionism.
I read all books that i find, and at every book i find a new thing to start studie again.

One thing that i dont understand, why my chart is interessing?
I saw the site that moon gold talked about, there are a lot of interessting things, and im thinking of begining at astrology.
My boyfriend(when i told him this) said not again....
One thing that i know, is all that i want from the heart happen, is very strange.
If someone makes me ungry or something, and i think bad things, this things happen even whith out whanting.And the oposite is also truth.When i think that a person deserv better job or relashionship, it happens.Why is that? My chart talks about this things too?
When i need money, it always appear.Is that in my chart?
I saw the site, i learn something but there are points whith a lot of contradictions, maybe is because isnt a face to face talking.
~Can you give me some answers? I hope i not boring you...
But i want to know what make my complicated chart interessting.
I have a lot of aspects but i dont know if that is normal.

07-06-2005, 11:33
Astrological birth charts are not specifically predictive. They won't tell you that you will meet a tall dark stranger next week. They will tell you the themes in your life and where and how you can expect to see both problems and opportunities.

Planets are energies. You have six energies working very closely together, so it is not surprising that things happen for you. You are VERY focused.

Let's put it another way. Suppose we say the sun represents a vehicle that gets us from one place to another....where we want to go in life. If a chart has a sun with no aspects or is poorly placed, that will feel like you are trying to get to your goal while wearing roller skates. With your planets as they are, you are driving a tank!! You WILL get where you want to go, but be careful not to mow people down on your way.

I think learning astrology, even a little, will be very good for you. There is a list of resources at http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=15205 and they have very good suggestions for books, etc. that will help you learn.

P.S. I hope everyone noticed that light posted her question yesterday while the transiting sun/moon were at about 15+ degrees Geminii. Answers came in today during the new moon at 16+ Gem. So the discussion may portend a significant new phase for light. Transiting squares seem to make things materialize. So do transiting conjuctions.

07-06-2005, 11:40
Thanks again, i understood what you had said. Good example.
I will see that thread, you and moon gold made me fell a lot interessed at astrology, and like you had saw my chart, you know that when i have interess at something i really have. Thanks for the tips.Maybe one day i will have something to teatch at astrology, lol.

But i must say that seems very complicated thing to learn.

autumn star
10-06-2005, 11:44
Ok I took a look at your chart :) About house systems - it does not matter which you use - if you have planets that change houses they will have an influence in both houses - but as a beginner just to make things clearer while you are learning use placidus.

Your chart - first of all tarot reading and reiki healing. I can see two things in your chart that could indicate that you have skills in these areas. First thing is your north/south node axis - this is called true node at astro.com. The true node is the north node yours is in virgo, 2nd house. Your south node is in pisces, 8th house. The south node is meant to show gifts that we bring with us from our past life - it is where we feel morst comfortable, it is what we are good at and what talents we have. The north node shows our direction in our current life, how to use and find a balance between the gifts that we already have. Your south node is pisces - this is a sign that shows that your talents could include things like tarot, psychicness, healing and an inclination towards spirituality and mysticism. The 8th house is can also indicate these things, it is traditionally ruled by scorpio and has similar qualities to that sign. Your north node is virgo - and you have a strong pull there with so many planets being in virgo - virgo can represent service so the combination of the south and north could show that you use your pisces gifts in your work (virgo). The thing with the south and north node is that you might like your south node better and prefer doing those activities but the north node is where you must grow in this lifetime, and what you should learn. The south/north node is about finding a balance between the two areas - not choosing one area over the other because this will not work. I hope that makes sense to you - there are lots of sources of info on the internet that can explain it better. And books too.

The other thing is Chiron - it is in your 10th house. Chiron is like an asteroid but bigger - it represents wounds and healing. Having it in you 10th house - the house of career could show that you use your talents in your work.

Sun, Mercury, Saturn square Neptune. The squares are normally the hardest aspects to work with. But it shows that you do have intuitive talents - but you will have to work hard to develop them.

The sun rules your chart, because it rules your ascendant. You have sun in your 3rd house - so I think that you are a good communicator, you like to learn and are intelligent and not afraid of giving your opinion! You have your sun and moon ruled by mercury so this really gives good language and writing abilites. Your moon is in the 11th house - I think that this is a good place - you probably have many friends. And with many thngs in virgo you might be quite analytical.

At the moment you have transiting saturn moving through your 12th house - so I do because I also have a Leo ascendant - all people with this ascendant have saturn moving through their 12th house. The last couple of years have probably been quite difficult - they have for me! But when saturn moves into leo, sometime in June I think, it will conjunct your ascendant and move out of your 12th house and things will probably become easier. It could also be a time of change and endings as saturn makes a new cycle in your chart. While saturn has been transiting this house your interest in tarot and astrology might have increased because the house is associated with those things. You have mars placed in your 12th too so saturn has been conjuncting it sometime over the last 2 years - this may have been hard and you might have felt that you could not acheive the things that you wanted. Mars in Cancer in the 12th house could also indicate good intuitive ability and an interest in tarot.

You have many of the same placements as me - neptune in the 5th house, Uranus in the 4th house, chiron 10th house and saturn in the 3rd house.

I noticed that you had pluto & uranus in the 4th house - perhaps you experienced some difficulties in your childhood and lots of changes. I have venus and uranus in the 4th house.

I hope that helps - I just wrote that quickly - there are much more indepth explainations on the internet and in books but that is a start anyway :) What do you think.

10-06-2005, 12:24
yes i think that is very true.

The problems that i had at my life, and my childwood.
This last one was very sad, but i never think of it. I forgot.
It was problems whith my mother, a lot of them.But now im happy.

I could had problems at this 2 years but is nothing compare whith my childwood.But everthing ii seems right. These last 3 years wont easy, especilay these 2.
I hope you are right and this change at june.

Its funny we have so much in commun at the charts.

But i dont have nothing bad to say of all that you wrote.

The only thing that i dont understand, my life (north node) now have one path that i can use the gifts (south node) but i must do what virgo is about?

Oh dont ansewr this last question, i read your post again and i understand exctly what you said.
Thanks again.

autumn star
10-06-2005, 13:22
I was happy to help :)

If you are interested in the north and south nodes - you should try doing an internet search or find a book on the topic because I am not an expert, and like I said they could probably explain it better than I could. The south and north nodes are really about balance between the two opposite signs. But you should try to find more information.

autumn star
11-06-2005, 13:41
Hi, I found you some links so that you can know more about the north and south nodes :





I hope that they help you understand them better - they are english language sites

autumn :)

11-06-2005, 14:01
Great, i understand all.

Thanks for your help. I will read more this sites.

11-06-2005, 14:48
What's the difference between north and south nodes and the 'true node'? That's what it says on the astro.com charts.

isthmus nekoi
12-06-2005, 00:41
true node is actually equivalent to the north node. South node is not marked, but it is directly opposite north node. So if you have True node in 11 degrees Aquarius, that's your north node - and your south node would be 11 degrees Leo.

autumn star
13-06-2005, 11:57
Hi light - sorry about the wait - I took a look at your boyfriends chart.

I think that some of the reason why he might have been experiencing some difficulties recently is because of his saturn return- this when saturn returns has completed it's cycle of the 12 houses and returns to it's original place in the birth chart - it happens to everyone when they are around 28 - 30. Many people find this to be a difficult time - I wish that I could tell you more about it but I have not experienced it myself.

I found you some links so that you can know more about it -



Good news is that transiting Saturn is now moving away from his natal saturn, so I think that things should get easier. Saturn wont be moving into his 12th house for a while - not until it is half way through leo - which should be in about a year or so. People say that if Saturn goes through your 12th house after your saturn return then it is easier to deal with.

Your boyfriend has some benificial transits coming up later in the year too - saturn trine jupiter and neptune, and jupiter conjunct uranus. Right now, he had jupiter opposition jupiter - and since jupiter is transiting libra - the sign of legal matters, that could be contributing to his problems - but the transit is set to end soon.

Hope that helps - Good luck to you and your boyfriend - I hope that everything goes well for you both.

autumn :)

13-06-2005, 12:14
Thanks autumn star, it helped a lot. Now i will see the links that you posted.

autumn star
13-06-2005, 12:17
happy to help

I think that the 2nd link gives better information than the first :)

14-06-2005, 08:52
Thanks isthmus nekoi :)
That makes my north node 14 degrees in pisces and my south node 14 degrees in virgo.

26-07-2005, 09:45
There are some downsides too but you are probably aware of those and they are not relevant here. The Sagittarian influence and Mercury in Leo would have gotten you into some difficulties in the past, no doubt, but your chart has a very positive and strong foundation. This is only a brief summary however.
Ah, I knew I had read this somewhere. At the time of reading this I was a little confused by what you think may have gotten me into trouble in the past Moongold?

Interestingly I was in my work the other day and the reader for the day was an astrologer, so she said she would look at my chart as she wasn't busy :)

The Mercury in Leo came up, and she stated that was great for being a reader as it means "leadership" and that I would also have the ability to "stop someone talking too much in a reading, for if someone is talking a lot then it's hard to do their reading. This combined with things like Cancer Moon means I would do it in an empathetic manner and not be abrupt or rude."


26-07-2005, 13:54
If you are still reading this thread, what could you tell me about my sun as a "vehicle"? It is about 2 degrees away from my saturn and that makes me wonder. Here is a link to the picture of it, my DOB is 12-5-86, 521 PM, Redlands, CA, USA

My Birthchart (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b224/weirdlobster/35623759.gif)

I know somewhere in my chart it says that I have a planet in a good aspect for reading cards, and I think it is neptune. Every once in a while, I am able to go into intuitive modes for a while, and I can read cards better than other times.

Thanks wizzle