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15-06-2005, 03:17
Hey "kids" My husband has sensitive skin and a nasty sunburn.
Wondering what the best way to dilute fresh aloe juice would be?

I was thinking about mixing it in a mint tea or something water based, but would oil be better?

Any ideas are most appreciated! :D



15-06-2005, 03:21
no idea, but I really feel for the guy! I had some nasty sunburn on my face a few weeks ago and it REALLY hurt. Took a few days before I peeled and looked like the living dead and scared my SO first thing in the morning hehe.
Wish I had a nice partner like you to make me nice lotions lol


15-06-2005, 09:28
My husband got a nasty one and I just put aloe 'jelly' straight from the leaf on him (seemed that the undiluted worked better). I just slit the leaf and rubbed it VERY gently on him.
Good luck!
Oh... I also remember reading that a vinegar or iced tea wash/bath helped as well.

15-06-2005, 09:40
Mines too sensitive for the straight stuff, it'll dry him right out, but I think I'll go with a tea, vineger sounds nasty :(

Thanks much dears!!!!



15-06-2005, 11:36
Just mix it with some purified water. I wouldn't make tea if that means heating it (though I'm not certain that would harm it--it just doesn't appeal to me). It should mix with water fine. If you have trouble you could mix it in a blender.

Did you try using it straight from the plant? It forms a sort of protective film.

Here's what I'd do. I'm a red head who suffered through many a blistering burn in the past, though I work very hard to avoid sunburn these days.

I would use cold compresses of just water soaked washcloths for several minutes every few hours, for long enough each time that the burn feels to him like it's cooled considerably. Then I'd apply aloe vera sap from the plant and leave it on until the next round of compresses.

The cool water, keeping the skin moist and cool, helps a lot--more than anything else, in my opinion, for a bad burn. But the aloe vera provides some nourishing, healing protection.


15-06-2005, 12:35
Excellent, thanks Nevada! Should have thought of a compress, but hey, thats why we ask questions outloud right?

Yeah he's the black Irish rag a muffin type. Can't do anything stronger than asprin and only that on a rare occation. It's driving me bonkers trying to keep up with his injuries when the man can't take an asprin!!!! He can jump off buildings all day, but OMG an Asprin??!?

Thanks, that feels better...

Any way, I was thinking of making a tea with mint and then chilling it and adding the fresh aloe ( warm water on a burn, euww...), but the compress sounds much better! :)

Thanks again Folks!!

Love and Light,


16-06-2005, 00:22
hey Ankou! Does your hubby really jump off buildings all day?
Heh. I used to that, too....

Raw aloe is great stuff...but I noticed that when I put it directly on my skin, it turns it green...which then becomes a purply blue...like a bruise.

I mixed the raw aloe pulp with a bit of vaseline...and it seems to work better...I dunno how...but things just heal faster, and without the skin discoloration.

I know petroleum jelly isn't for everyone...due to the greasy nature...but I like it!

16-06-2005, 01:13
oooo.. also a good idea... Have to see what he'll let me try ;)

He kinda "puts up" with my herbal explorations, really he's a good sport, but just doesn't like being my lab rat }) (I learned new smilies!)

Yes he jumps off buildings, and forklifts and climbs anything taller than 20ft...
We're both free lance so we do alot of odd things to fill out the rent check.
One of his favorite sayings is "It's not a gig till someone's bleeding".

Sigh... He's such a catch!!! :D

Did you really jump off buildings too?!!!! cool :cool:

16-06-2005, 01:28
Ah Husbands! :)
they should be thankful that wives want to help them and are willing to try all sorts of concoctions to make them feel better!

I know the feeling...mine gets whiney when in pain...but occasionally lets me use him as a guinea pig!

Buildings...yes...my hubby and I once managed a small Wild West theme park.

As part of the stunt show, we had to jump off the buildings...well, actually, more like...fall...off them.

Twice daily!
Three times a day in the summer!

16-06-2005, 01:38
That's so cool!!!!!

But I'm not really surprised to hear it of you :)

Won't say more about building jumping here cause it's not really hers or crystals... hee hee,

Maybe a new chat thread? I just got a subscription!!!

Still looking for aloe mixes and suggestions, you can never have too many ideas!

Love and Light,