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15-06-2005, 15:20
If you go to 'Talking Tarot' there is a thread I started titled -"Crystal Wand - RWS Magician Inspired."

Louisy title for a thread, I now realize (and cannot alter), but if you check out the picture there is a rather long man-made crystal in the heart of the wand I am showing. There is also an explanation of how this man-made crystal was 'grown.'

15-06-2005, 16:01
Yeah that is a ****** awful title for a thread! :D It's just as well your not a writer..... oh.... um...... :|

A link may help to find it (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=43329)

16-06-2005, 08:08
That WAND of yours could even twink MY moustache!


16-06-2005, 08:49
I assume T-bear's question is about using the wand, not about suggestions for better thread titles, yes?

I use a quartz crystal ball and quartz crystal pyramid in a very similar manner as that described by t-bear. I too hold the ball in the left hand. I guess this is just a natural "receptor" mode. What little I've gathered on shapes is that roundy things ....eggs, spheres, hearts....are receptors of energy and pointy things... prisms, obelisks, wands....are projective.

Scott Cunningham's excellent book "Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic" has a short chapter on shapes.

Bottom line, I think t-bear is doing it right if the object is to enhance energy flow.

17-06-2005, 01:00
A lot has been made about the fact that according to tradition, the Magician in the Rider has the 'wrong' arm elevated!

In my understanding and practice, I am right-handed, so the energy flows from my right hand. Therefore, I hold a crystal ball in my LEFT hand to channel the energy down from above (the magician understands he is only the channel, not the source of his power). The energy flows through me, and then out my RIGHT hand to be directed where it needs to go.

I have also grounded myself holding a black obsidian ball in my left hand to calm things down. A piece of smoky quartz would also work as well.

It has been said that Hoi Tei (sp?) has two crystal balls, one in each hand that is raised over his head. One is supposed to be black and the other one white. Which hand holds which ball? How would that affect the energy flow within and without you?

18-06-2005, 14:47
Yeah that is a ****** awful title for a thread! :D It's just as well you're not a writer..... oh.... um...... :|

Other titles I have written:

Gone With The Light Summer Breeze

Bus Named Desire

Joanna Livermore Parrot

The Concrete Rabbit

21-06-2005, 00:25
Hehehehehehe! Love your books!!!