View Full Version : Uranus Retrograde

17-06-2005, 17:57
Uranus is going retrograde in Pisces til November, I believe it is. Any comments? Does this mean the progress that was made will be undone? Will there be a retracing of steps?

17-06-2005, 21:44
You can not undo your experiences. You can revisit them, you can seek to experience them a second time, you can try to forget them, but you can not undo them. Same with Uranus.

As Uranus retrogrades, it may "back up" over some sensitive points that it had previously transited -- but, other factors in your chart are likely to have changed since Uranus' first visit to those sensitive points. Remember, if you are talking about a transit of Uranus to your natal chart then you can not ignore other transits to that same chart. It can be misleading to consider just one transiting planet in isolation.

So, you will need to see what other action is going on in your chart and blend that in with the Uranus stuff. As for Uranus, its retrograde (and later, its re-passing directly over those same points) can be the second of three contacts to a sensitive point. The first direct transit handed you anything that Uranus symbolizes in your chart -- and Uranus, like any planet, is quite different for each individual. The second retrograde transit calls your attention again to whatever Uranus did and asks if you understood what had happened -- it may even manifest as a different perspective of what had previously occured. The third and direct transit can test you or can present you with an opportunity to grow in some way and then find a solution that enables you to move ahead.

So, all of this is something that you will have to watch and think deeply about. While other can, and probably will, tell you or suggest what will show up in your life only you can really understand you and assess the changes in your world -- and then grow from them. Have fun watching all of this. Dave