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26-06-2005, 13:40

Well, i've never visited this forum before. How weird :p
I've been a crystal lover since i was a child...i bought my first 'set' of semi-precious crystals when i was 10, during a trip. Since than, i've been drawn to them...and even to 'normal' stones. I found once, by a river, one flat and one round stone. I saw them on my altar...yes, it felt like they 'belonged' there. You know, like a Mother Earth's gift. And they've been on my altar ever since, and are some of my most 'powerful' stones (even if they are pretty plain).
But i have many crystals, and there are many i simply don't know the name. I wonder if they HAVE a name...i bought them in another trip some years ago, and they came in a big bag, with no names, no nothing. A bunch of mixed nameless crystals. How messy!

Then i've got two question, because although i have been a crystal-lover for years, i'm also a crystal-beginner. I must say i know nothing of stones, gems, crystals and the like. I'm hoping to learn!

Question #1: If i don't know the name of the crystal...will i ever be able to work with it? Because if i don't know which crystal it is, i won't now what energies it carries according to the books and all.

Question #2: Can the color of a stone be important too? When i cast the Magic Circle, i like putting a crystal in each direction (north, south etc.). However, some 'typical' crystals of the directions simply don't...i don't like them, or they don't seem fitting to me. It's because i'm drawn to the color or the crystal as well. But if i choose only by the color, can i bring the 'wrong' energies to my circle?

As you can see, i know nothing and i'm pretty confused overall. Any help is more than welcome! ;)

:TPW Yuko

26-06-2005, 17:44
Hi Yoko

What feels right for you is right... :) and it doesn't matter whether you know the name of the crystal or not; it works anyway.


autumn star
26-06-2005, 19:57

While knowing the name of a crystal might be helpful for finding out more information about it .... I don't think that it really matters if you don't know the name.

If you find a crystal that you really like, and get a really good feeling from it - then knowing it's name doesn't really matter.

I think that the colours of stones can be important - but I'm not an expert about Wicca so I can't really tell you about the energies that stones bring to the circle.

autumn :)

26-06-2005, 22:08
I agree with Ninamagic.......if it works for you....that's what's important. The only negative energy that you can bring into your circle is exactly that..."what YOU bring into the circle"....

As per what colour in the "Wicca" belief system...this doesn't matter. When casting a circle we honor the directions and elements....again, what is important is what feels right for you.

26-06-2005, 22:50
The only time the colors might be important is when you're using your crystals in spells.

27-06-2005, 01:03
Thanks for all the answers...they were surely helpful. I like all my crystals, and they all feel like they belong to me. I guess i just need to get to 'know' them better :)

:TPW Yuko