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Phoenix Rising
28-06-2005, 20:44
A friend of mine sent me this image from a forum she belongs to. This is supposedly the date of Jesus birth. I'm not sure if the chart will come up.
No chart didn't come up when pasting sorry guys, but if you have an astrology programme that goes back that far, you will see a interesting pattern.

Tis true that the birth of Jesus heralded in the zodiacal age of Pisces and also that the Zoroastrians were astrologers of great renown at that time so itíll be interesting to look at this astrological conjunction.

The chart above is a precise astrological map (Sun-centered or Heliocentric) of the entire solar system for the 2nd day of March in the year 5 BC.

The Star (shield) of David or Seal of Solomon is revealed by applying the ancient astrological "aspects" or geometric relationships which exist between the planets at any given time

This configuration [without the ancient astrological "Grand Cross" aspect] (see below*) and represents a phenomenon that occurs
once in over 40,000,000 years*.
* mathematical probability analysis of 9 planets - rotating within 360 degrees - allowing an orb of 6 degrees
The chart is one of 1.478314266 to the 10 th power and occurs once in 40,501,760 years.

The Shield of David is superimposed upon an additional ancient configuration called a *"Grand Cross" (the light coloured square) which offers additional support for presenting this grand celestial display as the star which informed the Magi of the birth of the Christ; a star which was invisible to all except the Magi.

29-06-2005, 05:15
Hi Phoenix Rising,

There have been several threads which have raised the issue of Jesus natal chart - the short answer is that we really have no idea!

The beginning of the age of Pisces is a rather fluid concept but if we take it as the moment that the Spring Equinox moved out of Aries and regressed into Pisces, then we are talking of somewhere around the early third century AD - over 200 years later than this chart.

The classical astrologers would not have used a heliocentric chart, as they believed that the Earth was the centre of the universe and as they were unaware of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, they would not look for a nine planet configuration, only a seven planet configuration (using the Sun and not Earth as a planet).

The Grand Cross is not a term that the 'ancient' Astrologers would have used - indeed classical Astrology of that time would deal in aspects by sign rather than degree.

Indeed both the Grand cross and The Star of David are only 'seen' if you allow for Uranus and Neptune - as these planets were unknown at the time the configurations would be meaningless in 5 BC or indeed 1800 AD. Sending a 'sign' that would not be 'visible' for virtually another 2000 years is rather a long winded way of signifying the birth of Christ.

What you have here is seen very much through modern eyes - that doesn't nescessarily invalidate it as an Astrological phenomenon. but it does cast doubt on any 'ancient' wisdom that is supposed to lie behind it or that it is in any real way a significator of Christ's birth.

Finally, the once every 40,000 years is stretching matters a little, as you will find a similar pattern was the subject of a thread in the last 18months - different signs but I think the same six point star - have a check back and see if my memory serves me well :)


29-06-2005, 07:44
First of all, I would like to comment on how many people still believe that Aquarius is fixed as a Water sign, I counter this by pointing out that Aquarius is the water Bearer and water that falls from the sky is from a cloud, or storm, fitting of Aquarius.

Second of all, The current Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius points to The Age of Aquarius. Aqarius's initial ruler was Saturn, currently in Watery Cancer and Jupiter originally ruled Pisces currently in Air Libra.

Lots of balance, and imbalance, its like the yin and yang have been frozen out of time but are on fire, fitting of the prophesies from all around the world.