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autumn star
04-07-2005, 12:04

I have a leo ascendant, so recently saturn has been moving through my 12th house.

When saturn is at 7 degrees Leo, it will hit my ascendant.

I don't know what to expect. Saturn in my 12th house has been really difficult because it has made some hard aspects to my other natal planets - sun, moon and mars. Particularly when it was at 26 degrees, because I have two other planets at that degree.

So, I was wondering what experiences other people have had when saturn conjunct their ascendant? What can I expect?

autumn :)

04-07-2005, 14:33
Im a leo ascendant too, I share your musings... sorry, not too much help I guess.

04-07-2005, 14:42
While I can't say for the accendent (yet, mines 3 Virgo) Saturn did pass over my solar degree of 30 gemini in 2002, went stationary (on my solar degree) and then retrograde, went direct and passed over for a second time in 2003.

Everything I did resulted in being dragged down, the 'world view' of everything (the world card being associated with saturn in the tarot) was changing (Iraq and so forth) along with all the rules and no one was willing to share the information freely.

Anyway, that was my Saturn story

Since your accendent is in leo, the placement of the sun during saturn tenure in the lion will have an impact on your needs. Restrictions in your job or profession may not be as severe as they initially appear, but watch out for retrogrades,(like mercury in August) they will say alot about the atmosphere in question, and who is determining the final decision. (Retrogrades tend to represent the negation of that planets standard influences and brings out another side alltogether, retrogrades are a time of internal recollection to help us be better people.)

05-07-2005, 05:23
Hi...my thoughts on the Sat Asc transit in Leo especially..is if possible to try not to take yourself to seriously as this can be a self-infliction of the downdroms. Being shy or overly inhibited, restricted, or too hard on yourself becomes the vibes you put out and live with. Saturn transiting your Asc is an event to itself yet in doing that it also transits by aspect all cardinal points for one. If apsects natally are hard or challenging then Saturn coming into the picture has something to say that will not be cute and sweet so we have to do our best..hopefully we can and do...albeit easier said than acutally done. I have to learn to take my own advice as I will too be experiencing this transit for a second time. I will have a jam packed fixed cross for 2 or so years to deal with during Saturns transit to my Asc/1st house..and even when it hits Virgo I have heavy hitters in first for Saturn to feast on/or vise verse...while these latter/Virgo transits will bring on trines in my chart...watch out for those trines..open doors or easy access are relative/double edged. And of course lets not forget the other transiting planetary apects during our Saturn Asc transit. I do think however, that the real kicker might come with the Saturn rx Cancer and final Direct out of Cancer. Lets keep each other posted on that one!.

isthmus nekoi
05-07-2005, 10:50
Trans Saturn will also be aspecting my ASC, but opposing it (I'm Aquarius rising). I'll keep y'all posted.

As for what effects to expect, the best thing you can do is look at past Saturn transits and see how they have turned out for you. Textbooks can only take you so far and they are very generalized...

Paradoxx, I had Saturn station opposite my natal sun a couple years back. I felt a great deal of pressure, but it manifested internally. To any outsider, nothing major was happening (maybe b/c sun is in 12th?). It brought an incredible amount of pressure, wild crazy intense dreams and romantic love (met my current bf as Saturn approached, started dating right after it passed I think). So there's my transiting Saturn story.

autumn star
05-07-2005, 12:03
I've also had the saturn opposite sun transit ... it wasn't very nice, it brought about alot of endings .... I also felt pressure ... but the pressure that I felt was to be true to myself, to stop following the path that others wanted me to take or be the person that others wanted me to be.

When saturn hits my AC ... it will sqaure my pluto and natal saturn, but it will trine my venus and uranus .... so I really have no idea at all what to expect.... I'm a little bit scared .... but anything is better than saturn in the 12th house. As long as it brings some kind of change ... I don't care :)

I have also thought about saturn retrograde into cancer again and then finally direct ... I think that if there are any issues that I have been avoiding while saturn has been in the 12th ... I really think that they will come out into the open and become unavoidable. But I could be wrong.

I hadn't considered the interpretation of saturn conj. AC in leo in that way Deszroo - and you could be right ... because recently I have been so hard on myself. Since the 12th house kind of signify's withdrawl of somekind ... this is what I have been doing .... I was never really a shy person ... but I have become really shy and withdrawn over the last couple of years.

06-07-2005, 17:10
Hi autumn star!...I here you about the retreatishness related to Saturn 12th house...I have the same thing going on as well. In fact when Saturn transited my Sun and other planets/aspects...it was kind of the same effect...but more depressing. I think its double factor about the retreat with 12th house AND Saturn. But its temporary. All I can say ..and this MAY SOUND WEIRD...but ENJOY it...try to relax...just enjoy the solitude..the push for retreat and time off....go with the flow...now is a time to be hip to the Valley energies not the Hills. Don't let the dismal side of 12th and grumpy side of Saturn get you down. Take stock of some of the improvements that you can make during this time..notice if there are any insights you've been getting..especially ones that have awakening/maturing or finalization of former ignorances, habits, or structures. "Predictive Astrology" the book calls this transit "a culmination of "karma"...preparation fo new self-expression". So culmination of former efforts (or not) or ripening of whats been evolving. Take a closer look at your chart..many times I find all kinds of planetary connections/aspects... even with the so called "minor aspects".. I've discovered some aspects recently..and these really relate to whats going on now for me. Saturn in 12th is about endings and cleaning shop....see how you can utilize and be receptive to the gifts or benefits this transit offers. The pressure is from both our holding onto and the sheer..finally breaking down..giving way...dissolving of our structures...old dominons. On the other hand, we can get trapped or closed in by them. Lets strive and put out good vibes for the best of all posibilites!. Its not all blossoms I KNOW...oy!... hang in there!.


autumn star
07-07-2005, 11:08
Thanks for that Deszroo ....

I can totally relate to what you have written :)

I have really found that saturn going the 12th has really opened my eyes about self expression ... so hopefull when saturn crosses my AC, and especially since it is in Leo, it will open the way for more self expression. Since mine seems to have been limited since saturn has been in my 12th.

You are right .... I have learnt alot from this transit! It has certainly been eye opening ... and I will remember to enjoy it ... I'm sure that when saturn moves out of there, we will be very busy again :)

autumn :)