View Full Version : Foggy crystals, veils, white shadows

11-07-2005, 23:53
It was difficult to choose my first somewhat large quartz crystal. After looking at about 15 different crystals it was between a bright, clear one with several rainbows and this strange foggy one.

It isn't entirely foggy, just one of the faces. Much of it has horizontal grooves or striations running along the sides which refract back into the crystal. Inside there are delicate clouds like veils or snow. I could stare into it for a long time. It feels like there is another world in there.

It seems to have a softer energy than the more clear quartz crystals. I've become a big fan of foggy crystals!

12-07-2005, 05:38
Congrats Myrrah on getting such a wonderful crystal. May it bless you.

I'm with you on foggy being more interesting. And I think they are just as powerful as the clearer variety.