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15-07-2005, 06:45
Hello, ive already done a search in the crystals section about this and couldnt find anything to match what im looking for. I hope you guys who are more knowlegable on crystals dont mind me asking ? Are there any crystals that can help with bad 'time of the months' of you know what i mean, i know lots of women suffer, but my doctor isnt interested because of another physical condition i have atm. As ive got older theyve got worse. I get vicious panic attacks, terrible pain that makes me vomit and am anemic too because of it even tho i take lots of yukky iron. I was thinking maybe something like Moonstone but wasnt really sure. Any ideas would be really really appreciated as im feeling a bit desperate and dont want to keep having to take codeine/paracetamol and valium each month, i have some quartz, jasper, flourite and aqua aura (mainly for use in my tarot bag) - but i havent had success with these so far for this prob.

Anything you can think of would be great !

LRF xx

( sorry to be asking about something so personal and gruesome lol )

15-07-2005, 07:01

I personally don't find your post too personal -- and especially not gruesome. I completely sympathize. It's been okay for the past several months, but typically it seems that every month, or every other month, I get completely knocked-out with immobilizing cramps, vomiting, and more.

I'm sure others with have suggestions. The first stone that came to mind is one that you seem intuitively drawn to too -- Moonstone.

Meanwhile, I would try to regulate your diet... try getting more FRESH/LIVE foods in you. Also, cut-down on the caffiene. I try not to take medication, but I have found that the brand Pamprin seems to work the best.

As for other stones... I will see what I can find out in my books tonight.

Be well, joya

15-07-2005, 07:03
... another thought... perhaps Bloodstone???

15-07-2005, 07:41
yes i was thinking of moonstone as well. but i read that it is best not to wear it during a full moon, and it can make you get quite aggressive, or something along those lines.

15-07-2005, 09:03
Hi little_redfox, please discard this if does't resonate with you. I strongly believe most body pains and problems are related to energy blockages in the chakra centers and energy channels. There are different systems of dividing body into grid of channels, meridians, chakras. I like taoism system. They recommend to meditate on the energy centers and channels to make the energy flow freely. Fear/panic attacks point to root/base chakra imbalance. Pain to sacral chakra blockages.

I would recommend quartz, amber and obsidian to help clear the energies.

15-07-2005, 09:03
I have a friend who swears by amethyst - even taping it to her abdomen when she goes to work - and I have had good results with it too. My mind goes fairly insane , so I like to have some hematite around .

Also, eating as purely carbohydrate, low fat a meal as you can at least once a day helps with the pain. (Fats & proteins interfere with seratonin .) This has really helped me a lot and almost eradicated the pain . (The amount of fat you eat all month long will have an effect on how painful your periods are .)

Evening of Primrose Oil can help too, and I take it when I get the headache that won't go away. B-12, Vitamin E , and Lysine are recommended . I take a combination of everything that has any chance of helping. As always, it will be a trial and error process of finding the right solution for your own system.

15-07-2005, 09:21
This just doesn't sound like a moonstone situation to me. Moonstone increases sensitivity which may not be ideal when you are already so sensitive.

My first thought is to go with a geode containing white or clear crystals. This type of stone links to akasha, which is probably what you need....the calm of the earth. And the cystaline qualities of the geode link to the energy you seem to need.

For the anemia I'd say garnet, which can be used with the geode if it is white or clear. Place the geode on your navel and hold the garnet in your dominant hand. Relax and feel warmth/healing.

In between "those times" a general healing stone in a green color would be useful. I happen to be partial to amazonite, but malacite, jade, emerald or moss agate would be good choices as well. My choice for you would be moss agate....I don't know why.

I sense you need to vary your stones. Put those you've used in the sunlight after your time is over, carry the green stones, then switch back to the other stones. Clear the green stones when they are not being used.

You also ought to get a good book on nutritional healing. Prescription for Nutritional Healing is hands down my favorite...I have two copies....


It is written by a doctor and his wife, who is a nutritionist. It covers herbs, vitamins and foods, including food allergies. It is head and shoulders above any book on herbs that I've got and I've got a lot. There is a trick to iron absorption, but I can't remember what it is...but it's covered in the book.

17-07-2005, 19:43
Thankyou for the ideas, the nutritional ones too i hadnt thought of changing my diet to help. With the crystals, ill have an experiment with all i think and see which one works best for me. As some of you have said maybe a combo of a couple. Appart from during meditation/healing, when i can put stones on my tummy - is it ok just to wear them around my neck or wrist, will i still get the benefits from them ? Sorry to ask another question, but i'd like to get it right :)

LRF xx

Aura Wolf
18-07-2005, 06:28
Hi--I have tumbled Malachite and Chrysocolla stones that are supposed to be good for menstrual cramps in particular--which is what I use them for and they seem to help. Chrysocolla is new to me but I've used Malachite for months with success, and for stomachaches as well. I also like to carry Moonstone with me for PMS :) Hope this helps. Oh, and Malachite should only be used in tumbled form as it is otherwise toxic--but I haven't seen any raw before. Tumbled it is a very useful and powerful stone (and I'm finding Chrysocolla is as well).

Just skimming through my Crystal Bible, I also noted a couple more stones:

Turquoise is supposed to alleviate cramps and pain and makes a good gem elixer. Labradorite may be particularly useful, as it's said to "balance horomones and relieve menstrual tension". I'm sure there are others that may be useful as well...

18-07-2005, 13:27
The when and where of your stones is going to take some experimentation.

I'd suggest you start working with the geode/garnet or other stone you select about 3 days prior to your period. You may or may not feel right continuing through it.

Where is going to be strictly trial and error. Here are possibilities"

1. Wearing the selected stones
2. Sleeping with them either under your pillow or nearby
3. Taking them into the bath or shower
4. Just leaving them in your vicinity
5. Holding the stones and doing a meditation.
6. On your naval chakra

You can do any or all of these things. Don't underestimate the value of just having them nearby, within 3 feet or so.

Hope this helps

30-08-2005, 12:15
In a pinch a good ole pepperment candy is good often for stomach aches ..upsest stomach of all kinds included that associated with menstrual abdominal cramps..bloating..etc.