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20-07-2005, 13:51
Hi....looks like I am into rocks that are not always popular here...but I keep trying...never know might hit a jackpot for lots of learninJ along the way. So, I have a rock/rough thats called (probably among other names) Spider jasper...an "earthy" tone brown with little white spiderweb prints all over it. I put it under my pillow for two nights..(it had been cleansed, rested in earth, smudeged etc before anything)...then I gave us a rest..then I tried it again. All three times I just had nightmares/restless night because I actually felt like I was in a spider web or the dream itself was like a spiderweb..entangling and endless like a jigsaw puzzle. I felt like my body was physically shape of the rock itself; which makes it even more strange for comfortable sleeping. The nights are spent terribly and very confusing and always that spiderweb situation...well I guess thats why its called "Spider" Japser;)
I read something on the net that said about answers coming through dreams and that it is a very protective rock. Protective I'm guessing is the spiderweb thing...but if I got any "answers" it was impossible to tell...(though I really didn't program or go into dealing with the rock via questions...I often just like to connect raw/no frills.. see what happens...get to know it first..sometimes its all good on its own without any perks..for me at least). I don't know what or how to deal with this rock at the moment or its best application. Its a big as my hand...so it wont be a pendant or pocket pal.
Anyone ever have a rough Spider jasper rock/experiences?