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22-07-2005, 23:39
As some of you know, my bf has recently suffered whiplash & a broken shoulder when a drunk driver crashed into his car. The shoulder is apparently mending well, but the whiplash is giving him a lot of pain - not only in the neck, but also severe headaches, with shooting pain. He has trouble sleeping.

Can any of you suggest stones for lithotherapy that have a good track record with this kind of thing? Any other natural remedies, herbs, lotions, potions, etc? He takes drugs in the evening to dull the pain, but he doesn't want to do that for too long.

He's in Namibia. I will suggest he go to a reputable sangoma (if he's not already done so), but some home remedy might help him too.

23-07-2005, 00:01
I suggest a combination of stones:

1. clear crystal point - an all around stone and particularly good at drawing in energy. This is a must. It can be held in the non-dominant hand at any time.

2. for grounding/total body healing - agate or any of the green stones like malachite, flourite, amazonite. Namibia has mines and produces a lot of gems and minerals. I feel that a locally mined stone might be the most effective, but bring along a green one just in case.

3. For the headaches and neck pains - amethyst, blue topaz, aquamarine and other stones in this blue to purple range. Ideal would be an amethyst cluster. Whatever you get, get two stones. One to put on the base of the neck and one put on the third eye. Have him lie down, put on the stones and relax. Hold the crystal point. You can move your hands over the stones until you feel energy. Make sure you've held the crystal point for a bit before you start.

Hope this helps.

23-07-2005, 00:32
Hi Helvetica, I'm so glad he wasn't hurt worse. I know that clary sage oil is wonderful on muscles. Some skins require that you dilute the essential oil if it burns, but as strong as possible rubbed into the soreness. Takes about 30 minutes to work, you don't even realize it till you notice the pain is less. Also, Florite is a good stone. I use a striated green one directly on the pain, also takes about 30 mins. Some liquid glucosimine and you'll be walking on his back in no time! good luck,good health

23-07-2005, 01:35
hi Helvetica
if you are able to mail things to him, there is a very nice neck wrap that you can get. It is a cloth made wrap, filled with lavender and usually some kind of grain. like rice or millet. You heat it up in a microwave for a couple of minutes, then put it on the injured area, he can wrap it scarf like around his neck. It works wonderfully, and becomes a very handy aid to have in one's household (for menstrual cramps it is wonderful too)...

hope he recovers soon, and that you get to see each other soon!!!

here's a link to some neck wraps,

also, some St.John's Wort oil and Arnica oil are good pain relievers too...

23-07-2005, 06:01
Dear wizzle, Cascade (love your name!) and Astrid - THANK YOU!!!

I have been surfing, and I also passed on the minerals message to him - you are right wizzle, he should be able to find quite a few of them in Namibia. As for the other suggestions, anything he can't find there I can send to him.

You're stars :)

23-07-2005, 06:06
*nod* neck wraps help alot...and I think are there those neck pillows...I had an accident back in '97 and thankfully it wasn't severe but had minor whiplash so I used curved pillows to cushion my neck..course I flop like a fish when I sleep so that didn't help on the other hand...

23-07-2005, 10:29
Sophie will be the best cure.

23-07-2005, 23:51
Sophie will be the best cure.
:D :D :D