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02-08-2005, 05:08
The Sun, moon and mecury all join in 13 leo this thursday night and friday morning for the western hemisphere. Also in this new moon energy is blackmoon lilith trailing behind the sun and Aquarius neptune in opposition to the entire cluster and a trine to the north node of the moon in Aries creates an air of forceful creativity, we may be inexplicably drawn to well, draw, paint, play music, write astrology predictions, read tarot, you get the idea.

Mercury in retrograde is the emphasis here, combined with the moon, Gemini's and Virgos will go into overdrive, so keep hydrated and keep your energy output at a reasonable rate, don't overexert. communictation issues might crop up, but retrogrades aren't always a detriment to everyone, still, double check any doucments just to make sure that the right words are being used, mercury retrograde is an excellent time for the development phase of an important presentation or your next great work of art.

Pluto @ 22Sagittarius will be trining everything in leo, bringing forth a feeling of willing transformation, this provides a chance to prserve the cultures and traditions of the past that have worked and shed those that don't but it will take a strong philosophy of open-mindeness and the retaliation of indoctrination.

Combined with the north node in trine to Pluto, the creation of a powerful sturdy energy will come foth that Mars, in Taurus, can utilize to move foreward with some important plans that involve what has been done and what can be done. Mars square Saturn in Leo (this will be felt up to and beyond the new moon) will put limitations of physical exertion that taurus and Leo do so well. This will be reflected on all levels and begin a cycle of reaping what has been sown, getting in return the hard effort and resources put into a goal. Mars in Taurus is also vey sensual, so physycal attraction is where its going to be for a while.

isthmus nekoi
03-08-2005, 00:52
The new Leo moon is brings the focus to issues of procreation, self expression, pride, ego and the father. There's a strong sun/moon/Mercury stellium in the sign as well as Saturn.

The strongest signatures for this lunation are an opposition to Neptune and sextile to Jupiter. Grandiose dreams are great, but with Saturn squaring Mars in steady Taurus, putting these aspirations into action may not prove to be so easy, or practical. Feel free to reach out w/this lunation, esp w/the Jupiter closing in to trine Neptune, but save the nitty gritty implementation for a more fruitful time. Enjoy the summer heat and do something creative, brainstorm. This is also a great time to reflect on Saturn's shift into Leo. Saturn just moved into the sign last month, where it will bring structures and longevity, delays and restrictions for roughly the next 2.5 years.

03-08-2005, 01:16
If you are right about Virgos will go in overdrive, I will go in shock. ROFLMAO

Maybe what I have been going over the last week or so will be build up of the build up for the forceful creativity. Brainstorming is something that I need to do soon, so if this what this will bring, I say good.


03-08-2005, 02:22
this weekend starting thrusday i'm going into NYC for a seminar that is meant to empower people to take control of their lives. or to really let go of what's not working, keep what is and find out what i don't know that i don't know.

4 days until monday...so it sounds like it's going to be a good weekend to start my transformation into the woman i'm meant to be. i'm a bit nervous because i have this fear of the unknown...but i truly believe that this seminar will bring up to the next level of my intellectual and emotional development...as well psychological. i'm not happy where i am in my life right now and would like to move forward instead of always backwards. it's been a rough time, financially and relationship wise...no permamence anywhere...no stable relationship etcc...is that evr going to change for me?


05-08-2005, 09:18
and it seems to be going no where, perhaps the darkmoons proximity point right behind the sun adn moon at 11 leo is draining the energy from the situation. Heated arguments over nothing might indicate other more pressing issues behind the initial appearance. Quick resolutions should come, but others may not, it's hard to predict the darkmoons energy.

Mercury in retrograde will be crossed by teh moon and sun and then mercury will cross the darkmoon. He will be energizie by the solar and lunar focus, which should be able to punch through the darkmoon barriers, not all of them mind you, just the ones that need to fall.

This will be followed up by the moon and sun opposing Neptune in Aquarius, where mercury was just in opposition to. Challanges and difficult transitions are at hand. Purplegoddess, be careful in NYC, the energy shift this last week has been refocusing to New York State.

Jupiter and the north node are entering opposition from libra and aries. These two signs are going to have their extremes, but will eventually make up with ease. It's going to be touch and go for a while though, with venus in Virgo and Mars in Taurus, both which are earth signs that the fire and air signs mentioned have complex issues with. Virgo in demanding of detail, Taurus wants things fixed and stable. Virgo is changing, Taurus isn't always attentive. Aries will have to move into the present no matter what the opinion or cost, Libra will have to learn to balance things like never before.

The new moon is a breather for Cancers, now able to shake Saturn from their grips, but be careful, saturn isn't going to let you get out of his sights that easily, don't be too lax on yourself, there are others who see you in a spiritual light, don't darken the mood.

05-08-2005, 21:04
when, this month, are good times for communication? How long is mercury retrograde?

I'm entering something via email that I hope I win. So, that is why I ask. :)

isthmus nekoi
05-08-2005, 23:58
Winning prizes.... this is something that is more associated w/Jupiter and Uranus, in two ways: first, you already have something sweet set up in your natal chart like Jupiter trine Venus who is the ruler of your 2nd house (doesn't have to be this, just an example). Second, some transit or progression triggers that nice little set up.

Remember, everyone else will be entering the same contest during the Mercury rx so I don't think that's going to be a major factor. Mercury retrograde, in my experience does not necessarily make communication bad. It can be a good time for reviewing, reassessing etc. This retrograde ends on the 16th. M retrogrades last about 3 weeks.