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05-08-2005, 02:37
I used to be a work-bug, a straight A student who would enjoy doing her homework straight after school. Then I hit puberty, I'm now lucky if I get a B. I always leave my revision and coursework until the last minute. Now I am doing my degree and it has gotten worse!!!!

I missed the last half term due to an operation, and got extensions on my exams and coursework. my coursework deadline is now only a month away, and all i have is a collection of notes!!!!!! it's really stressing me out and depressing me, and making me not want to work even more!

I am currently trying Bach Flower Remedies, I used my pendulum over each name and came up with 'Chesnut Bud'; which is for repeating mistakes. I'm guessing it is not working (although I've been on it less than a month).

Are there any crystals that would help? Or crystal shapes? And what should I do with them? I'm getting really desperate now, and have made myself ill with worry on more than one occasion :( blah!

05-08-2005, 03:23
I know of especially one crystal which should give you a lot of energy; but unfortunately I only know the Danish word and I am not sure if it is recognizable in English: Herkimer Diamond...?!?


05-08-2005, 03:41
yes, i have heard of that, but have unfortunately never seen it selling anywhere :(

but i shall keep an extra lookout, thank you!

05-08-2005, 03:52
Hi sagewriter,

From my extensive experience of periods of stagnation-procrastination, I noticed there is a direct connection of my levels of energy/enthusiasm to the astrological influences in natal/transiting configuration of my astrological chart. The most obvious is the Mars position. How it is aspected to other planets, in which sign it is (Mars in water sign can be slow :)) and so on. Position, direct or reversed movement of your ruling planet can affect your performance as well.

What can I recommend you after this introduction?

First - do your astrological chart with transits. Open thread in Astrology section if you need help on interpreting it. See what happens there.

Second - get some Mars boosting natural remedies: crystals (iron), herbs, plants (search web for Mars boosting remedies)

Third and the hardest - get your will up and running :D

Hope this helps

05-08-2005, 04:40
Thank you for the help. I am a Saggitarius, so that would make me a fire sign?

i'm not sure what you mean by transits? (i'm not good with astrology)

05-08-2005, 05:25
Dear sagewriter, this is a trademark of this forum - sharing, helping each other.

Open a thread in the Astrology section asking for help on how to make your chart, what transits are, how to interpret them, where to start - there are great knowledgeable people here, will be glad to help you. Dive in :)

Btw, I looked at the today's planet positions - Sagittarius' ruler Jupiter is in the Cancer (water sign) trine Neptune Retrograding. Your ruler fire planet sitting in the water with the major aspect to the dreamy, watery Neptune, hmmmm. I am only a beginner in astrology. If you interested to learn about your chart - start asking questions in the Astrology area :)

05-08-2005, 05:30
thank you for the advice :)

05-08-2005, 05:57
oops, Jupiter is in Libra, not in Cancer, after looking closer, sorry for mistake. Still, the answer can be there somewhere in the spheres

05-08-2005, 12:55
I have found citrine and carnelian to be very energizing . But, make sure your sleep is not compromised , even by stress.

05-08-2005, 21:20
im sorry if i harp on about this again as i did in another thread but i really do think people underestimate what they eat. take a look at this http://www.hk4health.co.uk/ they are excellent people they helped me and my daughter alot i also took my friend and shes done amazingly, to the point shes now out of her wheelchair. my daughter has autism, i took her a year ago as she was bouncing around everywhere wouldnt stop running away and acting up at school. after taking her shes now alot calmer she doesnt run away, if she does shes more responsive when i call her back and she sits still alot longer at school. its made my life so much easier, i went myself a couple months ago, and i had the same problem as you, lack of energy, no motivation to do things etc maybe some past subconcious issues are reaching the surface and you dont know, again its something that can be helped. this thing can help anyone for anything even if you dont feel theres anything wrong. you will be suprised. id recommend it to anyone after it made so much of a difference to my daughter.

05-08-2005, 23:36
I completely agree with Maryann. What we put in our bodies becomes our bodies -- very important that we are ingesting what our bodies truly need.

As for stones... hmmm, Carneilian is a good as Dark Inquisitor suggests. I would think any of the "firey" stones, so stones that are red, yellow, or orange. Also Hekimer Diamond is a good suggestion, or really any clear quartz to help "ramp" up the energies. (The only thing I would caution is that clear quartz tend to magnify the energies, so if you are really in a slump, it might reinforce that? I dunno.) Hekimer Diamonds aren't as hard to find as you may think. I know, because I was of similar mind not too long ago. The thing is, they are fairly small for the price.

I would suggest some exercise to get the blood moving. I personally dig the "hot yoga" (or Bikram). Perhaps you have a yoga/exercise center close by.

Keep in mind too, that old but true maxim -- Objects at rest, tend to stay at rest. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Once you get some momentum, you'll be able to fuel your own fire. You know, I'm also feeling like telling you to eat spicy foods! haha. Maybe that will help in some way?

Good luck. I think we can all sympathize with the cycles of energy... doesn't feel to good on a "downswing" but your body just may be resting/drawning in energy before another "explosive" change.

:) joya