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10-08-2005, 18:09
When I went through msn and typed in aeclectic tarot forum - the next page which displays all the aeclectic tarot forum 'connections' came up. I pressed www.tarotforum.com thread and it dispalyed that unable to find server. I went to the next one and got into Tarot cards on aeclectic - but couldnt get into the boards.
I have had to come through
to be able to get onto the board. I had to log on as I wasnt remembered on the site.

Any ideas? Is that server down or something. I seem to have to use another site and server? I have no idea.

I tried it again - to get back on as I usually do - but I am still getting the same message - cannot find server.

Elven x

10-08-2005, 18:22
Hi Elven,

www.tarotforum.net and are the same server and point to the same place (basically, the first is the Tarot Forum address for humans, the second the address for other computers). From your description it sounds like your ISP is having DNS issues and can't match the two addresses; it should be temporary.

(By the way - it's www.tarotforum.net, not www.tarotforum.com.. :) )

~ Solandia

10-08-2005, 18:37
Thanks Solandia - thought It was my computer or something - Im totally techno ignorant :)

Sorry about the mistake - i meant the www that you put up! :)

Many blessings
Elven x