View Full Version : Mistake on my subscription?

12-08-2005, 11:29
I think I made a mistake when I subscribed, by accident. I'm not USED to using dee_dolly7 on my forms. I may have put 'urbandryad' as my username. Thats my EMAIL address ID, but not my USERNAME for aeclectic. not sure if I messed that up?

Also, my paypal email address will be totally different from either of those. I have one email addy for spam from things like lists and paypal reciepts and it'll be spiderlovebites@yahoo.ca

I couldn't figure out who was the admin in charge of subscriptions. Uh, sorry? and help, just can you check? I'm worried is all. :(

12-08-2005, 11:46
Hi dee_dolly7,

I checked your application and your membername was correct. Your account has now been upgraded to subscriber :)

~ Solandia