View Full Version : A stone for Migraines?

16-08-2005, 04:53
I am sure that someone has posted about this before...
Just can't seem to find it in the search.

Anyone have any ideas for a crystal, or stone that releases pressure of headaches?...especailly those horrid migraines that I have been experiencing lately (and I don't very often...so I am at a total loss!)

I have been intuitively drawn to selenite to deal with this...

but wondered if anyone has any experience with a stone that was effective?

Thanks! :)

September Pixie
16-08-2005, 04:57
Amethyst, Cat's Eye, Charoite, Dioptase, Lizard Stone Jasper, Jet, Cherry Opal, Sugilite, Sheet Topaz, Turquoise. Anything with the colors blue, green, and teal are good. Green eases stress on the eyes.. hope that helps :)

16-08-2005, 05:26
Thanks pixie!

I have many of those, but of course, not here with me at the moment!
blues and greens do sound very nice!

What is sheet topaz, btw?

September Pixie
16-08-2005, 05:40
Sheet Topaz:

Sheet topaz is created when the horizontal layers of topaz separate. Each topaz is clear and bright. Many host rainbows. Unique shapes. Thickness varies from 2mm to 10mm. Click on the images to enlarge -- each topaz is labeled with its weight.

Sheet topaz is easy to work with, making the healing energy of topaz accessible. Terrific for meditation and healing. Work with topaz to clear your mind for visualization and creative channels for manifestation. Sheet topaz may also be used as a "grounding stone" for astral journeying!

Your welcome :) I also find that Chakra stones and Chakra Sounds help me when I am having a migraine or lacking energy.. Steven Halpern has a cd called 'Chakra Suite' that I often play during these times :)

16-08-2005, 07:34
Hey Chronata,

here is my 2 healing cents:

Have you ever tried to move energy (Qi, Chi, prana...) in the [body] channels? Well, according to some sources, headache, migraine, etc happens when volume of accumulated energy in the head is bigger than the ability of ones head to hold it - and it starts hurting. The solution is to move it out of the head })

The interesting part is : according to a Taoist book you need to move excess of energy in the head down, into one of the energy centers on the back or feet, in one word - into lower part of the body. According to another source - you better move it up, above your head, as high as possible - lift it up. This will remove the pain.

After that pick your favorite crystal and look at it :):):)

16-08-2005, 12:06
heh. thank you guys!

yeah...chakra work. this makes perfect sense to me...should have thought of it first actually!

I think this is a good plan!
JTTMY~ I will try going "both ways" with the energy...see which works best!

Pixie~ Thanks for the info on Sheet Topaz! Gorgeous stuff...need to add it to my crystal want list...along with some color changing garnets, and some cherry opal!

16-08-2005, 12:22
i got thousand of migraines, i verry well know what you feel and it's not easy at all...
umptothemoonyea is right, too much energy in the head wich you have to evacuates to the body; theres can also have tension in the neck that cause that.
so breathing help a lot
massage to the neck
hot bath with a cold tower in the neck and on the head help
showers (not hot) will also help
going outside to walk IF you can
sleeping, on the side that hurt more

these are tips and don't forget that you need to keep faith "THAT YOU WILL HAVE IT"
sometimes it's not easy so just don't desepair and IT WILL GO AWAY when enough work have been done

oh and forget reading, learning, watching tv and all what make your eyes and head work, they are hurt and need some rest


16-08-2005, 22:17
A lot of my migraines are triggered by approaching storm fronts and barometric pressure drops. An Evening of Primrose Oil capsule seems to help lessen the severity , taken with an anti-inflammatory like Our Lord and Savior Ibuprofen . ( I buy the keg size .)