View Full Version : Why can't I see signatures ?

17-08-2005, 19:18
Hi guys,

Whenever I'm logged in I can't see the signatures (including my own)- I only see them when I'm NOT logged in ? Is this normal :confused:

I 'enable' my signature in my posts but it doesn't show up !!

Would be grateful for your advice.


17-08-2005, 22:01
Sounds like you have your setting to hide them from view, so when you log in as yourself, they will then disappear.

To change this

1) Go to the "User CP" link in the upper left hand corner of the screen
2) From the control panel on the left hand side, select the "Edit Options" link.
3) The third box of options is the "Thread Display Options"
4) The first box there, says "[] Show Signatures"
5) Tick the box with your mouse ("[v] Show Signatures")
6) Then press the button "Save Changes" at the bottom of the window,

and you should then be able to see them.

Hope this works :)

17-08-2005, 22:06
It works !

Thanks guys:D


11-09-2005, 06:18
Now I'm having a problem seeing my own signature. I see others, but I can't see my own. What am I doing wrong?

11-09-2005, 10:46
I've noticed that if one decides not to have a sig for awhile and then adds one later, the posts made in the interim will not show the new sig. It's as if each post is given an invisible tag "sig" or "no sig" at the time of posting. Could that account for it, PD?

(edited to add: I cannot see a sig in your post here, either, by the way.)

11-09-2005, 11:03
Even my new posts don't show the sig, which confuzzles me. :(

11-09-2005, 16:33
You know, it's interesting. Maybe I'm imagining this, but I've been noticing more people recently that I could've sworn had sigs and now I can't see them (their sigs). Maybe more people have been removing their sigs lately or there is a problem with seeing them?

Or maybe its just my imagination??

12-09-2005, 08:42
Wait hold on, I think I got it....

12-09-2005, 08:43
Yup, got it, boy I feel dumb now. lol

Okay, now my question is, how do I get the miscellaeneous options at the bottom of the reply screen to stay? Do I have to click on show my sig everytime I post?