View Full Version : Question, on losing the same type of stone

20-08-2005, 08:24
I am inquiring on a blue topaz, I seem to constantly lose. The first ring I had broke and I almost lost the stone. The second ring, I bought a different ring and the same thing happen it broke but, this time I lost the stone. I am beginning to think I seem to reject this stone or the stone rejects me; maybe both. However, I didn't notice until after purchasing both rings were poorly designed. Does anyone have any insight to this mystery? Has this happen to anyone w/ another gem, stone consistently?

Maybe, the third ring I buy of this stone will be the charm (like the saying: "3x's is a charm").

Well, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. :)

20-08-2005, 08:28
I don't seem to do well with lapis lazuli which breaks on me.

But everyone reacts differently to stones. Why not try doing a tarot reading on this issue? Or asking a pendulum if you should try a third time?

20-08-2005, 09:42
It's odd though it only happens when I have this type of stone in ring form. I have other jewlery w/ this stone and it hasn't happen....

Not a bad idea, I think I'll do a several tarot readings on this tonight and see what is revealed. Thanks :)

20-08-2005, 12:26
I had that same problem with topaz. all of them got lost. even a nongem (glass) ring I lost soon after. I did a simple ritual and that stopped. I hold two topaz rings now and I haven't lost them yet.(Knocks on wood) pm me for the ritual.

21-08-2005, 04:37
Ironically that was going to be my next question, did you bless or clean the ring? Some people feel you impart your own energies into the metal therefore it becomes unnecessary to consecrate the metal and stone. I do not believe in this, I clean all my jewelry and others with holy water, then bless it with lemon oil while saying my special prayer and then allowing the sun to impart its energies into it in turn giving me powerful energies. Hope this helps.

22-08-2005, 09:49
You know what...funny you mention it, usually I do bless my jewelry or any other object I place on my alter and wear w/ salt water, incense ( like cinnamon, Dragon's blood ,Sandalwood, Rosemary, Lavender, Frankincense for protection and purification), fire (candle) and dirt (soil). 1st I cleanse w/ dirt, 2nd salt water, 3rd incense and last fire. During the cleansing I do recite a pray. Then place it in salt water again on my alter for 24 hours.I do this ritual not only to new items but, repeat the ritual w/ old items to remove negativity from time to time.

However, this time I didn't w/ this ring. Before reading here again and doing a tarot reading I should've performed this same ritual; even though I've never placed this ring on my alter I did wear it. Having much trouble w/ this stone it's obvious I should.

I did buy 2 new topaz rings recently this weekend and I am going to do a cleansing ritual.

Remaniox, I would like to hear about your ritual if it is different from mine. I'll PM. Also, thanks Pepperi. If anyone else has other cleansing type rituals I would love to hear them as well. Thanks again :)