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18-06-2002, 08:26
I'm about ready to take a slow boat to China, or better yet, an undiscovered planet.

Is it only me or is everyone on edge, hyper, ready to attack, irritable, nasty, etc, etc?

To say the least, it's been a horrible month and I'm ready for July.

Oh, and just think...the full Moon (eclipse) is a week away. I don't drink but I think by Friday I'll need a bottle of wine.

Thanks for listening! And how is your month?

AG (trying to be the 9 of Wands)

18-06-2002, 12:17
LOL. I'm having a truly horrid month. The worst I can remember for ages!
Tell me it will end soon!

18-06-2002, 13:25
{{{{aquarian goddess}}}}
do something special for yourself!
imo, june is a WHOLE lot better than may was. both have turned out to be transition months for me, but i'm handling this one a lot better:) yeah, i am feeling a little edgy and weepy.

18-06-2002, 14:08
I'm with you Zorya, my June is MUCH better than May! I am kind of cranky but things are beginning to come together now - where everything was completely up in hte air in May.
They're not there yet, but things are starting to calm down for me. Thank the Goddess!!!!! wooohooo FINALLY!
The other day I tried to figure out when all of this "up in the air chaos" started. It was October for me!!! I haven't felt settled since OCTOBER!! No wonder I feel like I'm at the end of my rope! All I can say is things better start calming down or I won't make it! LOL

19-06-2002, 01:08
i am having the dreaded 35 year old crisis i think.
and before that i got a taste of that mercury retrograde with lots of misunderstandings.
i am hoping for a great week now though - and a wonderful midsummer:)

19-06-2002, 04:46
well, hmmm....

so far it hasn't been great. Any month that starts with my birthday is bad for me though... good thing there's only one. ;)

Money is the main problem. I'm ready for July to begin. This year is my #7 year... I'm ready for my new cycle to begin with July (7).

Rhiannon :)

19-06-2002, 05:38
money is my main problem this month.

not enough coming in and too much going out.

and totally NOT normal.

Faerie Lin
19-06-2002, 05:38
Lets see,
Well I guess my June is going okay, I feel I am at a standstill right now though. Nothing really going on, so I am making sure I read more and do more creative things.

HUGS ((((((to all who are having a bad June!))))))

19-06-2002, 06:39
yeah i owe a ton of money this month hopefully more will be here next week

And apartment people keep harassing me, theyre coming again tommorrow heh


19-06-2002, 09:39
Well, I was hoping to see it is just me, but apparently, I have company. The good news is...June is almost over.

Hugs to all and keep smilin'


19-06-2002, 17:43
in the disaster department june is fine, no majors til now :-), but month is not over yet.
in relation/communication some air has been cleared, that's good so this gives room for new stuff.
work is still weird as last month, it had settled down a bit, but not long, coz yesterday they decided to add lots of oil to the fire, so again talks and gossips there.
money, no unexpected stuff, thanks for that :-)
i can't complain about june so far.........


20-06-2002, 02:33
June has been interesting. I am sorry that you folks are not having a good one.

There are unsettling events occurring around and to me, but underneath it all, is a really great tone.

I feel on top of things; knocking over obstacles and winning battles. Perhaps it is because I am all fire and no earth?

20-06-2002, 15:16
I'm with Jade - too little cash coming in and a burdening amount going out. Unexpected car repairs, astronomical phone bill, car taxes, text books, wedding, birthday and grad gifts... it just goes on and on and on.... All while my hours were DRASTICALLY cut at the gallery. Aaaaack!!! AG, I'll join you for that wine!

But I kinda saw it coming when I did my calendar spread in January. Its a total 5 of Pentacles month, and for a material-security-craving Cappy, its just not a pretty sight! July is a Knight of Pentacles month so I hope I can look forward to "getting back on my feet."

But my love life is magical now and makes me forget my money worries at times ;) Its soooo important to be thankful for what is going good in life.

~ january

21-06-2002, 05:02

So happy to hear the romantic department of your chart has been activated!!

Perhaps we can get together collectively and similtaneously and do a money dance...you know, dollars falling out of the sky! Hey, I have a creative mind...

I did a very unscientific poll on the "June Effects" and called four friends who all moaned, complained, cursed and yelled about the month of June. Personally, it's a lot worse than May was and I'm hoping that Jupiter realizes his role in the solar system is to bring good luck and then brings some!!

To all of you having a good month, God/Goddess bless you and may it continue...

(still going like the 9 of Wands)

21-06-2002, 05:31
Well...if the whole world is having a bad time...what's wrong with me?

Money issues now, I understand...

Here's the deal.

Best spend July getting ready for August, because September will be too late (the train will have left the station).

21-06-2002, 06:15
Originally posted by AquarianGoddess

Perhaps we can get together collectively and similtaneously and do a money dance...you know, dollars falling out of the sky! Hey, I have a creative mind...

AG & January,
I'm with you...let's get to the beach light a big bonfire and dance around it on the next full moon! I work two jobs and it's just about giving me enough to live one but not save to buy own place.
I'm trying to find my jade power beads, i think I lost them again. To keep green on me at all times.

June was going ok until the romance part isn't really working out with this one fellow. He's happy to hear from me but works too much to spend time with me and he wonders why I keep dating other men?
And stop calling him for weeks. There's no statement saying that he wants me to stop seeing others but he's not making the effort to say no to overtime so he can spend time with me. The others I meet just seem to want one thing and I'm not really in the mood to put up with it...it's my birtyday on the 22nd and I'm starting to feel the pull of looking over the past year and find where/what I need to change.

So I've been in a blue haze all day and when I feel like this I just want to crawl into my shell until it passes. Plus my friends won't be able to spend the whole night w/me to celebrate my b-day. I really don't like spending it alone anymore, 5 yrs in arow and counting.

So that's how my June is going so fair! I just needed to vent and let this all go. I really want to cry but I'm at work.


22-06-2002, 05:26
I had a relatively mild May, in comparison to many. June is making up for that. General irrations; being put in difficult situations; having to get all "managerial" with one of the long term consultants on the project; my client co-lead once again making comments to my project bosses that subtly question my ability to do the job; hubs is distressed and barely functional; and summer is almost here - which means the step-kids are here alllllllllll summer (don't get me wrong, I love 'em, but it is 4 hard weeks before we all adjust to living together full-time).

I really want a vacation!

22-06-2002, 09:23

I hope you have an ethereal birthday and all good things come your way this year!


You've got to get a cell phone...no more big phone bills, just the monthly fee (about $30 to $50, depending on the plan.) You can call nationally and there's no roaming charge either!!


LIGHT to you girl!!


23-06-2002, 13:08
Originally posted by AquarianGoddess

LIGHT to you girl!!

AG Thanks AG....

25-06-2002, 02:00
You've got to get a cell phone...no more big phone bills, just the monthly fee

LOL, AG, that was my cell phone bill!! I realized I was using it more and more often so I switched plans back in May. Because it was mid-billing cycle, it won't go into effect until July, I discovered...too late! I must have switched during the retro-grade. Ughhh!

~ january

26-06-2002, 20:19
Well, my June hasn't been so bad.... for 1 reason and 1 reason only...

It's Gay Pride month... its the time of the month when all da homo's get in their best outfits and go make drama that will last till next June. Yes the air is scented with the smell of newbies wanted to get with someone.. ah yes... gay pride month is good... except when you keep runing into your exs.... and ones engaged... one you friends with.. and the other starts stalking you... other than that my June has been fine


27-06-2002, 00:29
things are moving along in the love dept (confusing) and work dept slow but steady. w/the full moon last night (looking awesome over Long Island Sound) i was quite calm and letting the energy flow where it may. an interesting social night that's all i can say.

i've made my decision on what school i will be transfering to in the fall and what programs i will consider as a major. either child development/mental health combo or art therapy, going w/my nuturing nature of Cancerian. time will tell which road to take.


27-06-2002, 07:00
Oh man…
June has been going along swimmingly. And then yesterday hit.
The new boss informed me that he is more evil than the old boss, and even though my numbers are above most of the other folks in my office, I am sub-standard because I do not play by the his rules.

However, I will continue to be what I am. I have no choice. I can only behave with complete integrity.

27-06-2002, 10:00
Oh Umbrae,

Sorry to hear of the Faustian boss...I've had my share of them in life and I can sympathize with you. Try surrounding him in white light (and yourself too).

PG, I'm going to recommend a book that an Angel on this very forum recommended to me...Divine Prescriptions by Dr. Doreen Virtue. It's about Angels assisting one on their path in life.


28-06-2002, 01:39
Thanks for recommended read. I'm getting so many just by reading other posts.


29-06-2002, 04:44

I'm having such a bad June, no matter what I do it' all seems to go wrong.

I'm a Cancerian does any other Cancerians feel the same?


29-06-2002, 05:37
i'm sorry to hear that you're having a bad june. i've had a great month so far and since my b-day a week ago i feel better than i did.

i feel open and free to the possibilities that await me in love, work and life in general. is there any one thing that is going wrong or do you feel the whole world is against you?

i've been lighting my candles alot lately and feeling the energy of the Goddess surround me. plus have the light and love from everyone here in the community. we all have own pov's and personalities but that is how i'm learning to respect others and myself.

let the light of the Goddess surround you and protect you. there's a spell on the spirituality form, what do you cast spells for?, that is a banishing spell posted from jade that might help. check it out.

Blessed Be and Peace.

29-06-2002, 10:46
Happy Belated Birthday

Red Emma
29-06-2002, 16:56
Until this year, I always felt that I owned June. It's my birthday month. But this year!!!

Today is my birthday (Friday on the NW Coast of the USA), and I've been so depressed that, at midnight, I'm sitting here writing instead of in my bed sound asleep. I took a couple of Valerian, which I seldom do -- take sleep aids -- but I know that if I don't get some sleep I'll be in worse trouble tomorrow.

Today I turn 76. Do you suppose that's enough to depress anyone? Generally I don't mind being old. You get to quit working and do as you damned well please with your life. And, also generally, on the whole I don't worry much about what people think. I'm not looking back to the Good Old Days, because frankly, I spent a lot of time in the Old Days and there were only two things good about them. Real people answered the telephone, and socks had knitted toes.

Life was pretty circumscribed, there were rules for just about everything, and rebelling was not an option. Although I did it anyhow. Just that kind of a mind, I guess.

Geez, it is pretty late now. I think I'll try my bed again.

But June? This year? Forget it!

29-06-2002, 16:59
I'm sorry Red.. Happy birthday! I hope it gets better... You deserve it!


30-06-2002, 00:53
Happy Birthday Red Emma.

All that time in Oregon? Oh my…

I am off today to a birthday party for a distant Aunt in Monroe (Washington).

I raise a glass in your honor, next June shall be better.

30-06-2002, 00:56
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birtday dear Red, happy birthday to you!!! and many more!

WOW 76 years young!?!?!?!?!?!

do something special and outrageous for your day! dance around in your birthday suit, cut flowers for your home, just sit and listen to the birds or give your family big hugs just because...doing something else for others always makes me feel better when i feel like this on my birthday!


30-06-2002, 01:14
Happy Birthday Red Emma! Hope your July is better!

02-07-2002, 08:01
Happy Birthday Red Emma,

I second what Purple Gooddess said, plus, treat yourself extra special for the entire month of July, just to make up for June.

And hey everybody, JULY IS HERE!!