View Full Version : 8 pointed crytal 'star'?

22-08-2005, 04:05
I bought a beautiful polished crystal pendant. It has eight polished star points and carved from one piece of clear crystal quartz. The young clerk couldn't tell me anything other than it wasn't cheap and it could be the merkabah on her packing slip. Sigh. It weighs quite abit, I'll have to buy a bigger chain. I am really drawn to this, so what might I have here, if anything? And is merkabah a stone, a thought, or a symbol? Thanks

22-08-2005, 06:42
The Merkabah of Sacred Geometry
click on : Image (http://www.holoenergetic.com/images/merkabah.gif)

In Crystal Lore:


Eight pointed Stars are often associated with Venus,
but go back to Ishtar-Inanna and the ancient times.

For me the Merkabah is more than anything like an
experience of energy ~ spinning within all things...