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24-08-2005, 02:43
Hi all, I bought what I thought was a piece of rhyolite but the salesperson labelled it as crazy lace agate. I didn't realise until I got home. None of my books have pictures of these two so does anyone know of a website that will help me identify them? Many thanks!

Blessings x

24-08-2005, 05:24
Hi Middy!

Try www.gemcountryusa.com/cabochons

use the search, or scroll down to the titles, to see some beautiful (and large!)photos of both rhyolite (also called rainforest jasper) and crazy lace agates.

The biggest difference I can think of is the patterns of striations...the agate has bands of swirly layers, while the rhyolite has a more freeform pattern of colors...

Hope this helps! :)

25-08-2005, 07:41
Hi there Chronata! Great site, many thanks for the link. It looks like rhyolite to me, still not 100% sure though hehehe!

Thanks again,

Blessings x