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Red Emma
24-08-2005, 05:25
Tomorrow I have to attend a committee meeting at which I fully expect to have a showdown (show down?) with a woman who's been trying to usurp my job. She hasn't the skills, the training or the mental insights to do it. (Being able to see how her actions, in such a job will impact our relations in either the community at large or the Pagan community.) The person in charge of the organization does not want her to take over, but the usurper is a sly little thing and the first thing you know there the interloper will be. Right where she doesn't belong.

In addition to it's being bad for our organization, all that sneaky, negative energy triggers unpleasant physical reactions in me. It takes me a few days to get my system back to normal.

Tonight I intend to do a protection spell for myself. I would like as well to carry some crystals to protect me from the negativity. Two of my favorites are quartz crystals and amythests. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I really don't want to do her any harm. She has several great skills our organization badly needs. I wish she could be satisfied with using her own abilities to their utmost.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

24-08-2005, 05:52
One stone that comes quickly to mind is Obsidian. Obsidian is a good protector stone. It is a fine reflector, of both negative and positive energy. Hopefully, it would both reflect her negative feelings at you back to her as well as her own positive attributes back to her so she might come to her senses. Best of luck, Emma.


24-08-2005, 07:21
I will second the use of Obsidian!

The Aztecs called it the smokey mirror...and it does absolutely what Bluemanticore suggests...reflects negative energy back to the person who is throwing it.

Amber is another stone you might want to carry as it helps you to inspire loyalty when it comes to leadership roles...and especially if you need the right words for a show down!

I wish you blessings and good luck with this Red Emma! Your opponent certainly seems like she needs to feel the consequences of her own negative actions!

Red Emma
24-08-2005, 08:36
Thanks for the suggestions. It brings up another question.

The only piece of obsidian I have appeared under a bathroom sink several years ago, and it is quite large. Probably weighs two or three pounds.

Would it be ethical or appropriate to chip off a little piece? It's the only way I can think of to get a pocket-size piece? I admit it does make me more than a bit uncomfortable.

(We've lived in this house for thirty-some years and occasionally people stay for a bit when they need short term shelter. I think it was accidently left behind by someone, but I've never been able to discover who.)

24-08-2005, 09:00
By all means chip off what you need. Nature splits rocks all the time.

To the excellent suggestions already made, I'd add an agate if you have one. I don't think there is anything better for helping you select the right words and to engender a feeling of trust among those you will meet. Drawing trust is even more vital than defending against your problem person, imo.

26-08-2005, 13:27
Ooo- she sounds like a nasty little soul stealer Emma !! I think black onyx and other dark stones are supposed to serve for the protection against negative energy . Red Jasper might help too. How lucky you have a free obsidian boulder !! When you come home all upset, hold it at your third chakra and do some deep breathing and ask it to take your jangled emotions . It works well. Please let us know what happens, and I wish you success.

Red Emma
27-08-2005, 05:07
Thanks, everyone

It all turned out to be much ado about nothing, as the lady didn't turn up for the meeting. In fact, it's the third meeting she and I were to have about how to work together, using our unique experience and knowledge to further the goals of our organization. Which probably brings me to the real problem.

She's incredibly talented in certain areas, and although she frequently does not see the big picture of our group's needs, in other areas her skills are valuable. What I'm beginning to suspect is that -- how to put this -- she would like very much like to increase her knowledge and areas of expertise, and she's a bit afraid to go for it. In addition she lacks certain social skills, as I discovered at the meeting. She's tried to move in on other people with an outcome similar to her trying it with me. I think, as a member of the board, it's up to me to try to help her find her niche so her skills will be used to their capacity. How to disuaide her from keeping people upset is something I'm not qualified to work on. Maybe I'll talk to our leader about the situation. She, our leader, is a very talented lady, in a great many areas.

Again, thanks for your help. I was really ticked off and didn't know how to keep all the stress from upsetting my physical body. I'm really glad I stumbled across ATF a few years ago.

12-09-2005, 13:27
I know you guys are pretty much done here but I wanted to ask a question.
I see you mostly mention dark stones for protection and I'm wondering why.
It's just that it's very deep rooted in my mind that white reflects everything while black absorbs everything (light and energy wise), so in my mind I always thought that white would be better for protection.
Could anyone clear that up for me???


14-09-2005, 12:47
Well I used an onyx last week in a negative situation, with the idea that the black stone would suck up or absorb as much of the negative energy as possible before it could get to me. If I were to carry a white stone, then the energy would, to my way of thinking, still be bouncing around out there, after hitting the stone. Of course, if you use a dark stone to absorb, then that stone will eventually have to be cleansed.

14-09-2005, 14:53

You are not far off at all in thinking white is protective. In fact, a diamond is one of the most protective stones. Other white/clear protectors are

clear quartz
clear zircon

Black/dark stones are protective in that they absorb negative energies. And since they work in a more passive way than the white stones, they are probably more effective for a novice or in a situation where you don't want energy bouncing around. A truly wonderful combination for protection/cleansing is a black stone in a bowl of salt.

Red Emma
15-09-2005, 06:25
I wish I hadn't had the problem which inspired this thread, but the information I've gained is almost as good as having been in a specialized class.

Thanks, Guys, for your wisdom.