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25-08-2005, 07:53
Hi to all of my "old" friends,

Just wanted to send my regards to everyone. Although I don't post often, I do think (warmly) of all the nice people I met right here on this astrology board.

Note to Isthumus: You are doing a BEAUTIFUL job hosting and writing. Happy you choose to study astrology (your knowledge can put me to shame!).

Very warm and happy wishes to all.

Aquarian Goddess

25-08-2005, 08:00
Good grief. I saw that name pop up in the new Posts and thought that I had not seen that screen name for a while! Is this just a quick fly-through or are you back for a while?


25-08-2005, 08:15
Hi Marion,

Being an Aquarius - I'm unable to answer your question (here today, gone tomorrow kind-of-thing). Hopefully, I'll be around more often. Do miss talking and writing about the stars. BTW, hope yours are treating you well.


isthmus nekoi
25-08-2005, 08:52
Oh my goodness, AG it has been so long! So glad to see you back :)

btw, remember ages ago when we were talking about transiting Saturn squares and what not? Well, it's now been 2 years (!!) since Saturn square Saturn has passed for me, can you believe it? And as you said, it really wasn't that horrible at all!

I hope you've been well - esp w/the recent Neptune-Jupiter trines.... hope they've been good to you :)

25-08-2005, 08:55
Hi AG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How wonderful to see you again :) :) :) :)

I really hope we will see a lot more of you over the next few weeks and months.