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26-08-2005, 15:48
Hi everyone

Just wondering if anybody else uses herbs and crystals in amulets? I made a lovely 'Success' one the other day, and am looking to discuss pros and cons of different methods.



26-08-2005, 16:00
Hi Lucy,

I have a couple of herb talismans, one for more psychic intuition, and another for luck. As yet i haven't added any crystals but its something that i will be looking to do in the future

: )

26-08-2005, 16:02
Hi Jules

Do you know what the difference is between an Amulet and a Talisman? I am always confused about the different names....

Love and light


26-08-2005, 16:11

I think that they are basically the same, as in they are both magickal charms (someone please correct me if I am wrong), I think that an amulet is more worn around the neck, whereas I said that I had talismans cos I wear mine in my pocket....

maybe i am totally off???
let me know if you agree or have a different view :)


26-08-2005, 16:18
pretty spot on, I'd say - synonyms perhaps?

27-08-2005, 01:41
Yes! I use herbs and crystals to strengthen my talismans and amulets all the time!

I usually use clay to create them...and I have been known to mix dried herbs in with the material before creating a figure...or whatever the intention.

often I incorporate crystals into more of a jewelry aspect...that is, using stone or crystal beads, or finding a waty to imbed the crystal in the clay so that it is seen, or wire wrapping it so it hangs from the design.

But...I have brought out the old mortar and pestle and literally obliterated bits of softer stones...using the crushed powder, and mixing it with the clay as well!

27-08-2005, 03:18
...On talismans and amulets

30-08-2005, 09:21
thanks heaps for the links they help to clarify :)

24-05-2006, 17:01
hello all...
old thread, but i thought i'd revive it...
amulets are more for protection and talisman are more for achieving specific goals.
for example, if you wanted to wera something every day to keep you free from negativity...etc... you would wear am amulet.
OTOH, if you want to achieve a grade A in the upcoming exams (or become CEO), you'd make a talisman specifically for this goal. and disempower it or destroy it when you've achieved it.
i hope this helps :)

24-05-2006, 19:19
I have so many things to do right now - but the thought of making an amulet sounds really terrific - I havent done this for a long time.

I bead tiny bottles and place an essential oil or very tiny stones in mineral water in the bottle and place it on a chain and wear it. When I am beading - I focus each bead as a part of the whole, a postive step to achieve the goal I am thinking of. I waft it through insence and sage before and after I start doing this and anoint myslf before placeing it around my neck.

Chronata - I can vizualise you with your mortar and pestle 'obliterating' stones :P, good for your stress levels too.

Elven x

25-05-2006, 01:59
Your beaded bottles sound very pretty Elven, have you any fotos?